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Magic always leads to trouble!

—- Wise Old Elf, on multiple occasions

Cedric "Wise Old" Elf is a major character in Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom who leads the Elves in any way he can. He resides in the Great Elf Tree along with most of the other elves.

He is a trusted colleague of the king and he typically deals with all the catastrophic happenings that befall the Little Kingdom. He is a jack-of-all-trades kind of guy.


Before he was doing things the "elf" way, as he was a foolish young elf, he used to love magic, as mentioned by Granny Thistle.[1] That was until the incident of the monkey kittens.

The Wise Old Elf’s loathe of magic creates situations in which there is some conflict between him and magic users.

He is not as wise as he claims to be, seemingly knowing more about things such as athletics than about more "intellectual" subjects[2], but all the elves respect him immensely no matter what he does.

He rivals Nanny Plum due to their differing opinions over the use of magic.

The Wise Old Elf is known for taking an active role in the lives of his flatmates, which is always rewarding in some way. He sometimes pilots the Elf Helicopter in relation to Elf Rescue. He can be described as a prankster, but only plays jokes when he wants to, such as when mandated on Elf Joke Day this is in stark contrast to his usual, more calm demeanor.


Physical Appearance[]

He is quite tall, with his most notable feature being his long, white beard.


He wears a navy blue shirt, trousers and shoes. His hat is also navy blue and is a bit worn (most likely due to his old age), and has a red leaf sticking out.


  • He is known to like tropical islands and holidays.[3]
  • He has an older twin brother (older by 3 minutes) named the Wiser Older Elf, who is an Arctic Elf living in the North Pole working for Father Christmas.[4]
  • He attended college with Granny and Granpapa Thistle.[1]
  • Ironically, when he was younger, he used to admire magic and enjoyed it himself when he was briefly given the ability.[1]
  • His age is unknown, it was originally confirmed he is over 200 years old from the episode "Visiting the Marigolds", when Queen Marigold showed off her 200 year old monkey toy. She said it was made by the Wise Old Elf. It was then confirmed that he was over 1,001 (now 1,002) years old in “The North Pole”, where he states that the Elf Plane was “built to last 1,000 flights”, implying he built it himself.
  • When everyone was taking their romantic partner’s hand at the dance party in The Fruit Harvest, he took the hand of Mrs Fig. This could mean that they have a crush on each other.
  • He is known as Smarty Pants by the aliens.
  • There is always a instant that whenever he takes of his costume he always do the quote "in his underpants before?".
  • The Wise Old Elf has loads of jobs. This is inspired by Miss Rabbit from Peppa Pig.
  • The Wise Old Elf is voiced by David Graham, who also voices Grandpa Pig, Mr. Zebra and Father Christmas from Peppa Pig.