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The Royal Fairy Picnic is the 1st episode of Season 1.


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Transcript Information[]

Status: Complete


Narrator: Today's adventure starts at The Little Castle.

Holly (Title card): The Royal Fairy Picnic.

Queen Thistle: This is a perfect day for a royal fairy picnic.

King Thistle: Good idea, Queen Thistle.

Holly: Hurray, I love picnics!

King Thistle: Nanny Plum, prepare the royal picnic basket.

Nanny Plum: Yes, your majesty, and will we be having magic jelly for pudding?

King Thistle: Uh, maybe we should give the magic jelly a miss this year.

Nanny Plum: But we always have magic jelly at the royal picnic.

King Thistle: Well, if you promise not to flood the entire kingdom with jelly, like last year.

Nanny Plum: Trust me, your majesty. Nothing will go wrong this time.

Holly: Mummy, can Ben come on the picnic?

Queen Thistle: But Holly, Ben is an elf.

King Thistle: And this is a royal fairy picnic.

Holly: Please can Ben come? He’s my best friend.

King Thistle: Well, I suppose, as he’s your best friend.

Holly: Hurray, I’ll ring him!

(Holly picks the phone up).

Mrs. Elf (on the phone): Hello, Mrs. Elf speaking.

Holly (on the phone): Hello Mrs. Elf, can I speak to Ben please?

Mrs. Elf (on the phone): Righto.

Mrs. Elf: Ben, it’s Princess Holly.

Ben (on the phone): Hi Holly.

Holly (on the phone): Hi Ben, would you like to come on the royal fairy picnic today?

Ben (on the phone): Yes please.

Holly (on the phone): Good, come to the castle as quick as you can.

(Holly puts the phone down).

Ben: Mum, I’ve Been invited on the royal fairy picnic.

Mrs. Elf: How lovely, you’ll need plenty of food so you have enough to share. What would you like?

Ben: Uhm, pies, cheese and some fruit please.

Mrs. Elf: I’ll put in a whole strawberry, then you’ll have enough for everyone.

Ben: Thanks mum, bye.

Mrs. Elf: See you later.

(Ben runs to the castle with the food).

Holly: Look everyone, it’s Ben!

Ben: Hello everyone!

King Thistle: Ho ho, this should be fun! We’ve never had an elf on our royal picnic before.

Ben: Ha ha, thanks for inviting me. (Ben runs up to the magic picnic basket) That Looks heavy, can I help you carry it?

Nanny Plum: Oh, thanks Ben.

(Magic picnic basket floats upwards by itself).

Ben: Oh, but it’s really light.

Holly: It’s a magic basket.

Ben: Uh...?

Holly: Don’t worry Ben, you’ll see. Tee hee hee.

(Everyone begins walking to Picnic Hill. Soon, Gaston comes along).

Gaston: Woof, woof.

Ben: Look, it’s Gaston the ladybird!

Gaston: Woof, woof.

Holly: Hi, Gaston.

Gaston: Woof, woof.

Holly: Daddy, can Gaston join our picnic?

King Thistle: Hmm, I’m not sure...

Gaston: Woof, woof. Woof, woof.

King Thistle: What did he say?

Holly: Nanny Plum can speak ladybird language.

Gaston: Woof, woof. Woof, woof.

Nanny Plum: Gaston says he would like the pleasure of joining Princess Holly and Ben on the royal fairy picnic, your majesty.

King Thistle: Very well. (Whispers to Queen Thistle) It’s just a pity, he‘s a bit smelly.

Gaston: Woof, woof. Woof, woof. Woof, woof.

King Thistle: Nanny, can you translate that?

Nanny Plum: Yes I can, but I’d rather not.

Gaston: Woof, woof.

(The children laugh. Everyone and Gaston walks to Picnic Hill).

Queen Thistle: Ah, here we are. The royal picnic spot.

Everyone: Hurray! (The children laugh. Ben opens his bag full of food).

King Thistle: What’s this?

Ben: It’s food, for the picnic.

King Thistle: You mean you actually bring food to a picnic?

Ben: Uh, yes?

Nanny Plum (whispering to King Thistle): It’s probably just some strange elf custom, your majesty.

King Thistle: Ho ho, how charming.

Ben: I’ve got plenty of food for everyone!

Nanny Plum: Thanks Ben, but fairies don’t eat elf food. We have our own special fairy food.

(Queen Thistle opens the magic picnic basket).

Queen Thistle: Here it is.

(Ben looks inside).

Ben: Oh, but the basket is empty. You’ve forgotten your food.

(Everyone apart from Ben laughs).

Holly: Silly Ben, it isn’t empty. It’s a magic picnic basket.

Nanny Plum: It can give us anything we want.

King Thistle: Let’s start with the drinks. I feel like some sparkling fairy juice. (To the basket) Magic basket o’ so old, let’s have fairy juice, sparkling and cold.

(The magic basket magics up fairy juice).

Ben: Wow!

King Thistle: Ho ho, yes young elf, it is rather impressive.

Queen Thistle: Ben, perhaps you would like to choose the drinks for the children.

Holly: Anything? Can I really ask for anything?

King Thistle: Yes, anything at all!

Ben: Hmm... Okay, lemonade, please.

King Thistle: Isn’t that a bit boring and ordinary?

Ben: Elves like lemonade, and I’m an elf. (Toots horn).

King Thistle: But Ben, you can have anything you like in the whole wide world!

Ben: In that case, lemonade with a dollop of ice cream.

Nanny Plum: Are you sure you wouldn’t want something more exotic?

Ben: Okay, lemonade with two dollops of ice cream.

Holly: Hee hee, good choice, Ben. (To the basket) Magic basket please, lemonade with lots of ice cream!

(The Magic Basket magics up lemonade with lots of ice cream. Ben and Holly laugh).

Ben: Thanks Holly.

Gaston: Woof, woof. Woof, woof.

Holly: Don’t forget Gaston.

King Thistle: Hmm... What do ladybirds like to drink?

Ben: Ha ha, they like smelly things.

Nanny Plum: That’s right. (To the basket) By a ladybird’s growl, may the next drink be fowl.

(The magic basket magics up rotten cabbage juice).

Holly: Ewrgh... Nanny, you’ve made it too stinky, even for Gaston.

Nanny Plum: Nonsense, ladybirds love rotten cabbage juice.

(Gaston sniffs and is satisfied).

Quee Thistle: Now for the main course. (To the basket) Magic basket please, make us sandwiches with ham and cheese.

Ben and Holly: Ooh...

Nanny Plum: And now for pudding.

Holly: Hurray, magic jelly!

Queen Thistle: Uh, Nanny Plum, please don’t make too much this time.

King Thistle: We don’t want a repeat of last years jelly flood.

Ben: What happened?

Nanny Plum: Holly, Daisy and Poppy always help me make the pudding.

Holly: But last year, we made a bit too much and we-

King Thistle: Flooded that whole kingdom with jelly!

Ben: (Laughs) I remember, the jelly flood. Was that you?

Holly: Hee hee, Yes. That was us.

Nanny Plum: It was rather spectacular.

(The children laugh).

King Thistle: But it’s not going to happen again is it, Nanny Plum?

Nanny Plum: Don’t worry your majesty, we’ve been practising safe new words that keeps the quantity down. Come along girls.

Ben: Can I help too?

Nanny Plum: Yes Ben. Children, repeat after me: magic basket please, jelly jelly, but not a lot.

The Children: (To the basket) Magic basket please, jelly jelly, but not a lot.

(The magic basket magics up the smallest servings of jelly known to man).

The Children: Hurray!

Nanny Plum: Oh...

King Thistle: They’re a bit small...

Nanny Plum: They are quite little, aren’t they?

Holly: Yes, we’ll need more.

Nanny Plum: Okay, let’s try this: basket, basket, more, more, more.

The Children: Basket, basket, more, more, more!

(The magic basket magics the basket full of jelly. Everyone freezes).

King Thistle: Phew, for a moment there, I thought we were going to have another jelly flood.

Daisy And Poppy: (Giggles. To the basket) Jelly flood! Jelly flood! Jelly flood!

(The magic basket magics up a jelly flood. King Thistle screams and everyone else screams).

King Thistle: Jelly flood!

(Daisy and Poppy giggle).

Holly: Nanny, that’s too much jelly!

King Thistle: Stop it Nanny!

Nanny Plum: (Magic wand) Shazzam shazzing, magic pudding, shrink, shrink, shrink. (Magic fails).

Queen Thistle: Nanny, try a stronger spell.

Nanny Plum: I could use the stop magic spell, but that only for royal emergencies.

King Thistle: (Crown falls off) I declare this a royal emergency!

Nanny Plum: (Magic wand) Thunder and lightning, north winds blow, magic spells away you go!

(Magic jelly stops).

King Thistle: It worked!

Everyone: Hurray!

(Picnic disappears).

Holly: Nanny, where our food?

Nanny Plum: Sorry, I had to stop all the magic and that included our magic picnic.

(Ben looks in his bag).

Ben: That’s strange, my food is still here.

Queen thistle! That’s because it wasn’t made with magic.

Ben: And luckily, I’ve enough for everyone!

Nanny Plum: Thank you Ben.

Holly: But Nanny, you said fairies don’t eat elf food.

Nanny Plum: Uh... Yes, thank you for reminding me Princess Holly.

Queen Thistle: We can have a nice time without our picnic. Let’s sit and enjoy the view.

(Everyone watches the view while Ben eats his elf food. Everyone starts to feel hungry).

Holly: I’m a bit hungry...

King Thistle: Me too...

(King Thistle approaches Ben).

King Thistle: Hmm, I don’t believe I’ve ever eaten elf food before.

Ben: Would you like some, King Thistle?

King Thistle: Oh, thank you Ben. (Takes a bite of elf cheese) Mmm... Yum, yum...

Holly: (Takes a bite of elf pie) Mmm... Elf food is delicious.

King Thistle: It really is! Nanny Plum, you must try some.

Nanny Plum: (Giggles) Very well, your majesty. Seeing as it’s a royal command.

King Thistle: And here’s another royal command: When you have a fairy picnic, always take an elf.

(Ben toots his horn and everyone laughs).