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When you have a fairy picnic, always take an elf!

King Thistle, "The Royal Fairy Picnic"

The Royal Fairy Picnic is the first episode of the first season of Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom. It first aired on April 6, 2009 in the United Kingdom.


Holly invites Ben to the annual royal fairy picnic. King Thistle hopes there won't be a repeat of last year's jelly flood but that might not be so true.


Holly and her family are eating breakfast, when Queen Thistle decides that it is an appropriate day for a Royal Fairy Picnic. Holly asks if Ben can come along, and with some hesitation, they say yes. King Thistle commands Nanny Plum to prepare the Magic Basket; a picnic basket that can produce any food it's asked to.

They venture to Big Hill for the picnic. Ben brings a backpack full of food, much to the confusion of the fairies. When he sees that their picnic basket is empty, they explain that it's a magic basket, and what it does. They then use it to make fairy juice, ham and cheese sandwiches, and lemonade for everyone.

For dessert, they decide on magic jelly. King and Queen Thistle urge Nanny Plum to be careful not to make too much jelly, to avoid creating another jelly flood. Nanny Plum reassures them that Holly, Daisy, and Poppy have been practicing safer spells to stop the magic basket from making too much.

With the first spell, it produces jelly in very small portions, which everyone thinks are too small. With the second spell, it creates much more, which initially worries everyone. Once they realize it was only enough to fill the basket itself, King Thistle says "For a moment there, i thought we were going to have another jelly flood!". Hearing this makes Daisy and Poppy chant "Jelly flood!" and the magic basket starts flooding the entire earth with jelly.

As the jelly floods everywhere, King Thistle orders Nanny Plum to do something to stop it. The first spell she tries is too weak and doesn't do anything. When Queen Thistle says to do a stronger spell, Nanny Plum suggests the "Stop Magic" spell, which stops all magic and is only to be used in royal emergencies. King Thistle then declares the flood a royal emergency. The spell is performed, and the jelly flood immediately disappears.

Unfortunately, the spell also causes all the food at the picnic to disappear. Ben notices that the food he brought is still there, since it wasn't made by magic, and offers it to everyone instead. Since fairies don't eat elf food, they turn it down and decide they can have a nice picnic without food. Not long after, they start to get hungry watching Ben eat all the food, get curious and try some. They discover that elf food is actually delicious, and King Thistle makes a royal command; "When you have a fairy picnic, always take an elf".



  • On Amazon Prime and IMDb, the episode is called “The Royal Picnic”.
    • Despite this, they didn’t change the text in the beginning of the episode.
  • The scene where Ben blows his horn at King Thistle was used in a 2012 Nick Jr. "Up Next" Bumper in the UK and US.
  • This is the first of many jelly floods in the show.
  • On 4 October 2015, when this show was added onto the Nick Jr. channel, "The Royal Fairy Picnic" and its sister episode Gaston The Ladybird were broadcast as a double episode.
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