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The Magical Tale of Ben and Holly
Book one
Author Neville Astley and Mark Baker
Illustrator Neville Astley or Mark Baker (we’re never told which one)
Published by Scholastic
Publication Order
Preceded by
Followed by
Magic School (book)

The Magical Tale of Ben and Holly is the first book in the Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom book series.


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It opens by showing the (slightly trimmed) family trees of our main characters, Ben and Holly. This family tree includes their tutors, Nanny Plum and the Wise Old Elf. Ben’s family tree also includes Gaston.

It then describes the Little Kingdom, and all of the magical beings that live there. It says that everyone who lived there is very, very small, possibly a nod to the Theme Tune.

It then describes Holly and her family, and says that being a fairy, she has wings and a magic wand. It then shows her introducing herself to a frog and a fly.

It then shows that her magic doesn’t always go out as intended, showing a series of spells going wrong.

It then introduces Ben as her best friend, stating that he lives in a hollowed-out tree called the Great Elf Tree along with all the other elves. It then shows Holly greeting him with a squirrel watching curiously.

It then shows Ben’s talents, and him doing all of them.

It then introduces Gaston, stating he lived in a smelly cave and was a bit like a dog. Then it shows all of the behaviors he shares with dogs.

It then shows just how small they really are, by showing Gaston walking on a banana. It then states that even though they’re small, this doesn’t stop them from having big adventures, along with a picture of Ben and Holly exploring the Elf Farm.

It then shows how the royal family found Nanny Plum, with a bunch of fairies in a line in hopes of becoming the new royal nanny. However, only one was truly fit for the job, and it shows Nanny Plum reading a magazine with a large bag containing her wand and an umbrella leaning on it right by her.

It then states that even Nanny Plum’s spells go wrong sometimes, and showing a series of her spells going wrong.

It then introduces the Wise Old Elf as Ben’s tutor, saying “He’s wise, he’s old, and he’s an elf!”, possibly a nod to Visiting the Marigolds. It then shows him trying to stop Ben and Holly riding on a flying Betty Caterpillar, possibly a nod to her debut.

It then states that Nanny Plum and the Wise Old Elf disagreed about many things, but really, deep down, they were friends. It then shows how the Wise Old Elf sometimes needed magical help from the fairies, and Nanny Plum sometimes needed non-magical help from the elves, including a nod to Elf Rescue.

It then shows Ben and Holly saying goodnight to each other, stating that even though they were best friends, at the end of the day, they need to go home and go to sleep. It then shows Ben and Holly being read bedtime stories by their parents.

Then it shows Gaston sleeping in his bed, stating that snuck in his bed, he falls asleep in his lovely, messy, smelly cave.