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"The King's Busy Day" is the 8th episode of Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Series 1


King Thistle struggles to cope during a busy day, in which he has to launch a boat, judge a fruit and vegetable competition and make a speech at a dance festival.


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The episode starts with Mrs. Elf and Ben Elf delivering food to the Thistle family. Holly Thistle asks King Thistle if he's busy. King Thistle says that he has lots of important work to do. Holly asks King Thistle, "What else is king's work? King Thistle said they make speeches, shake hands, and wave a lot. She asks King Thistle if she can help him work today and responds, "Of course, Holly." King Thistle says that the first job for any king is waving. Holly and King Thistle started waving. He asks Nanny Plum, "Nanny Plum, what's the first bit of work I'm doing today?" Nanny Plum said he's launching an elf boat. On their way to the elf boat, King Thistle makes a speech and smashes a bottle of sparkling fairy juice against the side of the ship. Holly wonders what they're going to do next. King Thistle said that they shake hands and ask questions. They asked the workers individually; they went on a boat ride. He receives a phone call from Nanny Plum, telling King Thistle that he has to get back to work. King Thistle said everyone thinks he's in charge, but he gets told what to do all the time.

Next, King Thistle has to judge a fairy fruit and vegetable competition. He declares that the winner is the tomato, but they keep using magic. Holly Thistle suggests they see which one tastes the best. After tasting it, he declares the two both win.

Lastly, King Thistle has to make another speech at the festival of elf and fairy dancing, but he doesn't know anything about dancing. Holly suggests she'll do the speech instead, which he accepts. After Holly gives a speech, they sit down and watch the elves and fairies perform. After they finished performing, they started dancing. Holly says that she likes King Thistle's job, to which he agrees. The episode ends with King Thistle and Mr. Elf sleeping due to them being exhausted from their jobs.



  • Even if King Thistle is the king, people still tell him what to do.