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Hello, your majesty, The Elf Rocket is ready!

Mr. Elf, "The Elf Rocket"

The Elf Rocket is the 44th episode of the 1st season of Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom.


King Thistle instructs the elves to build a rocket that can fly to the moon. Once completed, King Thistle, Holly, Nanny Plum, Ben, Mr Elf and Gaston fly into outer space.


Holly and her family are reading the newspaper when Nanny Plum informs King Thistle that there is work that needs to be done for the elves. The elves wants the king to approve their new toy, but he doesn't like elf toy inspections. Shortly after, the Elf Truck arrives with Mr. Elf and Ben, who brings a toy space rocket that could deploy a parachute. However, King Thistle is disappointed as he thought it is just a simple toy and says that he could kick a football higher than the rocket could fly. Hearing this, Mr. Elf suggests they build a rocket that could fly them to the moon. King Thistle agrees and commands the elves to build a rocket that could fly him, Holly, Ben, Gaston, and Nanny Plum to the moon that very night.

Later that night, Nanny Plum sits by the fireplace, reading a magazine and knitting using her magic powers. King Thistle invites her to join them on a trip to the moon. Nanny Plum is excited, and just as the king receives a call from Mr. Elf informing him that the rocket was ready, Holly, Queen Thistle, King Thistle, Gaston, and Nanny Plum go to the Elf Tree to check out the rocket. Wise Old Elf explains that the rocket would land in the Sea of Tranquility on the moon, and they could do many things there. He warns them that there would be no swimming or picnics on the moon.  

As they board the rocket, Nanny Plum complains that the main cabin is tiny, without a kitchen or bathroom. Wise Old Elf explained that it was a serious mission, not a vacation. Mr. Elf and Wise Old Elf then helpthe passengers put on their space suits and confiscate their wands. The rocket soon takes off to the moon, and the passengers removed their seat belts, experiencing zero gravity. Nanny Plum accidentally opens the exit, causing her to float away in space. The others quickly close the door and work to rescue her using a rope and a lasso. After the incident, they continue their journey to the moon.