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The rulebook clearly says: magic is not allowed at the Elf Games

Wise Old Elf, "The Elf Games"

The Elf Games is the 12th episode of the 1st season of Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom.


Ben is set to participate at the annual edition of the Elf Games with his friends. Anyway, the usual fairies' magic (used by Holly and Nanny Plum) makes the Games impossible to go live as planned (the rules say magic or flying is forbidden)


Ben tells Holly that he's practising for the elf games. Holly tells Ben that fairies can do lots of things besides flying or doing magic. She can dance, do gymnastics, walk on her hands and look pretty. At the event, all elves, with Holly and Nanny Plum, are assisting. The first event is running. The elves start to run. Nanny Plum uses The Wise Old Elf's megaphone for Holly to help Ben win, but then Barnaby wins. Ben came last: "It was your shouting that made me lose" said an upset Ben to Holly. The next event is the high jump. Nanny uses magic to help Ben win, but the Wise Old Elf said it's forbidden to do magic and takes Nanny's wand. Ben is then disqualified. The last event is the wheelbarrow race, Furious Ben won’t let Holly be a partner because of their mishaps of making him lose briefly, but he let Holly be his partner in the wheelbarrow race and they won.



  • This is the first time Ben got mad at Holly.