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The Elf Farm is the 4th episode of Season 1. It first aired April 9th 2009, and marks the first appearance of many recurring characters, including tritagonist Cedric "Wise Old" Elf

Episode Description[]

The team visits the elf farm to collect an egg for King Thistles breakfast, but while they're in there, an enormous chicken escapes and runs amok.


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The episode opens on the Thistle family getting ready to eat breakfast. When King Thistle asks why there isn't food on the table, Nanny Plum explains that the elves hadn't delivered the food yet. King Thistle then says he refuses to leave the table until he has a hard-boiled egg. When Mr. Elf and Ben arrive with the food delivery, they bring nearly everything on Nanny Plum's list, but forgot to bring an egg. So Ben, Mr. Elf, Holly, and Gaston all go to the Elf Farm to get one.

When they arrive at the farm, they are greeted by the Wise Old Elf, who gives them a tour. Along the way they see carrots being harvested, watch lettuces get watered, and get rid of tomato bugs with Gaston's help. On the way to the chicken pen, Wise Old Elf starts explaining that chickens, and collecting their eggs, are both very dangerous, and that the gate to the pen must be locked at all times so chickens don't escape. Unfortunately, they forget to lock the gate.

While they're collecting an egg, a chicken escapes, and they all get into the elf truck to try and catch it. The truck runs out of clockwork power before they can catch up to it, and the chicken eventually makes its way to the courtyard of Little Castle

King Thistle, who's still sitting at the breakfast table, continues demanding for an egg. The chicken (now being referred to as Mrs. Chicken) peeks through the window. He then gets angry at Nanny Plum, thinking she created the chicken with magic after he asked her not to. Once everyone else arrives in the elf truck, Mrs. Chicken lays an egg, and everyone cheers. The king tells Nanny to ask Mrs. Chicken if she'll deliver an egg for breakfast the next day. Everyone else laughs in the background as the two communicate through clucks