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The Ant Hill is the 30th episode of the 1st season of Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom.

The adventure starts at the little kingdom. King Thistle says it's a good idea to go on a royal fairy picnic. However, Nanny Plum says they can't, as the magic picnic has gone. King Thistle thinks Nanny Plum has just lost it and says that things don't just disappear. That is, until his chair disappears when he is about to sit on it.

Then, at the elf tree, Ben loses his horn. Mr. and Mrs. Elf tell Ben he must look after his things. That is, until Mr. Elf turns around and notices the king's piano has gone.

Ben is curious to know what's happening, and an ant appears out of one of the elf tree windows. From the elf tree, the ants take more stuff, and from the little castle, the ants take more things from there as well.

Princess Holly asks why the ants are taking their things, and Nanny Plum responds, "Down to the queen ant."

Holly thinks the queen ant is pretty. Nanny Plum surprises Holly by saying the queen ant is a different sort of queen.

Everyone follows the ants to the ant hill, and Ben notices his horn, and Holly notices her wand.

King Thistle