Nigel "Redbeard" the Elf Pirate is a minor character in the series. He is introduced as Barnaby Elf's uncle.


Redbeard is a travelling self-proclaimed pirate who sails the oceans in a pirate ship named Pedro, though his size prevents him from engaging in acts of actual piracy, and he is more of a treasure hunter and explorer.

A running gag would be him constantly flirting with Nanny Plum, whom he considers his "sweetheart", although Nanny seems to have little interest in him romantically.

He also has a pet parrot, Polly, although she is normal sized and barely fits inside Redbeard's ship


Redbeard is tall and is dressed in pirate attire. This includes a white and blue striped shirt, ripped black trousers, black shoes, and a pirate hat with an olive-green leaf sticking out.

He wears an eyepatch on his left eye, has a single golden hoop earring on his left ear and has his iconic scruffy red beard.