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"Queen Thistle's Teapot" is the 6th episode of Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Series 1.


Holly accidentally smashes the Queen's new teapot, and Ben tries to help her repair it, but it doesn't work.


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Nanny Plum is dusting the cobwebs when Queen Thistle's tea set just arrived. Holly said that the tea set is beautiful and sparkly, but it's also delicate. Queen Thistle said she could look at it, but she mustn't touch it. King Thistle, Queen Thistle, Daisy, and Poppy, go for a nice walk, while Holly stays behind to look at the tea set instead, and later on, Ben arrives. Holly says they could have a tea party with it, but Ben is more concerned about the tea set. Holly accidentally breaks the queen's new teapot. Holly asks Ben to help mend the broken teapot, and with some hesitation, he says ok. Ben helps Holly mend the broken teapot, but it doesn't work. So they decided to go to Nanny Plum for a spell. Nanny Plum says that they will tell Queen Thistle instead. Queen Thistle became furious with Nanny Plum because she thought she broke her teapot. As soon as she turns Nanny Plum into a slug, Holly finally admits that she broke the teapot, and shows the repaired teapot. Queen Thistle says that she loves it and that no one must touch it. They promised to never touch the teapot again. The episode ends.


  • Holly Thistle
  • Ben Elf
  • Queen Thistle
  • King Thistle
  • Nanny Plum
  • Daisy and Poppy Thistle
  • Mrs. Elf