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Queen Holly is the 26th episode of the 1st season of Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom.


Holly is left in charge of Little Kingdom while the king and queen are away; but it isn't as easy as it looks.


Holly is in charge of the Little Kingdom while the king and queen are away. Ben rings the kingdom's doorbell and asks Nanny Plum if Holly can come out to play with him and she states that Holly is busy. Holly opens the window, telling Ben to come upstairs immediately. She tells Ben that her parents are away and she is in charge of the whole kingdom today.

Wise Old Elf arrives to collect Ben because it is time for his school to start. Holly tells Nanny Plum to send Wise Old Elf up and she will sort it out. She decided that Ben doesn't have to go to school. When Wise Old Elf informs the students, they jump in excitement.

Holly then declares that today is a holiday for everyone and gives them games to play and enjoy themselves. She and Ben make ice cream for everyone but it causes a flood, covering the Little Kingdom with ice cream. Holly apologises to the queen and king and realises it's not easy as it looks. King Thistle commands the elves to go back to work. The episode concludes with everyone cheering.