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*mischievous laughter*

—Poppy, along with her sister Daisy on several occasions


Poppy Thistle is a supporting character in the series. She is one of Holly's younger twin sisters. Along with Daisy, she is very reckless when it comes to using magic and loves to stir up trouble. She resides in the The Little Castle with her parents and sisters. Poppy differentiates from Daisy by her red dress, being the color of a poppy flower, hence being called Poppy.  



  • Poppy, along with her twin sister Daisy, possibly got their attitude of recklessly using dangerous magic from their grandmother, grandfather, great-grandmother and great-grandfather.
    • It is also possible they both got their naughtiness from King Thistle, as Sally (Lucy's mother), has mentioned King Thistle was quite naughty when he was a young prince.
  • Just like her twin sister, she loves ponies.
  • She and Daisy are best friends with the other fairy toddlers.