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This article is about the planet. For the episode, see Planet Bong.


Planet Bong is a planet where Zyros, his alien relatives, The Great Alien Leader and Flobbergagafwaqsplog lives. This planet was mentioned on two episodes: Planet Bong and its continuation. According to Zyros, once it was a habitable planet like Earth and the aliens were happy. But then, it was very hot. The planet had no water and it was just hot and sandy. He came to Earth to ask the help of the Wise Old Elf to make it beautiful again. It is believed to be very far away from Earth as Zyros' flying saucer needs a lot of speed in order to go there in a short duration.


Nowadays, it is shown to be a very habitable but polluted planet due to the factories and a little bit of a poor ecosystem. Before that, it was shown to be very hot and sunny before Ben and Holly and their family and friends went there, until everything on the planet was all sand. It is shown to have an underground base with only machineries and small metal capsule rooms for aliens to stay in. It apparently has no countries, but it has a great leader. Aliens on the planet grow in the opposite way as things on Earth do; they shrink to a smaller size as they get older.

Screen Shot 2022-11-05 at 13.04

The underground base with capsules around it.

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