The employees at programme production company 'Astley Baker Davies' created a Twitter account in the persona of Nanny Plum in 2012. The updates to the account became sporadic around 2015, however as of of 2016 the updates become more regular, and eventually they were back to monitoring it.

On a few occasions, the production company has simulated a holiday for Nanny Plum where she will go and be replaced by another character temporarily (usually for about, say, a week). On other occasions she simply will "leave" tweets on her voicemail to be sent out while she is away. The employee responsible for the account will usually simulate this for a week as well and return to editing in-character soon after.

Occasionally, the employee responsible for the account will break character but this is rare. Nanny Plum will sometimes "break the fourth wall" and refer to the employee as her "Big Person assistant" (always as a proper noun).