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Announcer: Today's adventure starts at The Meadow.

Holly (Title card): Nanny's Magic Test.

Nanny: Keep up children, you don't want to be late for your magic test.

Holly: Nanny Plum, why do we have to take a magic test?

Nanny: All faries take a magic test, its how you get your magic license. This is mine.

Rosie: Ohhh, will ours look like that?

Nanny: No. This is a grown-up license, you'll be getting a children's license.

Strawberry: Who gives us the magic test?

Nanny: The elves do.

Holly: But elves don't like magic.

Ben: No, but we do make the wands! (blows his horn) (Fairies except Nanny laughs)

Nanny: And elves do like tests.

Mrs. Elf: Good Morning Everyone, have you come for your magic test?

Holly, Rosie, Fleur and Strawberry: Yes Mrs. Elf!

Mrs. Elf: Until the test is finished, I am not Mrs. Elf, I am Mrs. Examiner.

Holly, Rosie, Fleur and Strawberry: Yes Mrs. Examiner!

Mrs. Elf: Lift up these pebbles please! Move them forwards...

Strawberry: This is hard...

Rosie: Yes.

Mrs. Elf: Now Backwards! When I clap my hands, stop. (claps her hand a second later) Excellent! And Finally, One simple question. Magic must only be used for serious things, or just for fun?

Rosie: Um...

Holly: Ehh, is the answer: Magic must only be used for serious things?

Mrs. Elf: Correct! You've all passed the magic test!

Holly, Rosie, Fleur and Strawberry: Horray!

Mrs. Elf: And Im Mrs. Elf again! You may now hug me!

Holly, Rosie, Fleur and Strawberry: (laughs)

Wise Old Elf: Well done everyone! Here are your licenses. Signed by me, the Cheif Examiner.

Nanny: I knew they passed, because I taught them!

Wise Old Elf: That makes their success even more amazing.

Nanny: Thank you, Wise Old Elf.

Mrs. Elf: Perhaps we should have a little celebration.

Holly: Oh yes! Can you have a party?

Nanny: And what every party needs is Magic Jelly!

Wise Old Elf: Uhh, Nanny, I don't think that a go-

Nanny: Magic Jelly, Lots and Lots!

(Jelly flood happened)

Wise Old Elf: Ahhhhhh! Jelly Flood!!!

Everyone else: Jelly Flood!

Nanny: Whoops a daisy! Used a bit too much magic there.

Wise Old Elf: Nanny Plum! Do you even have a Magic License!?

Nanny: Of course I do!

Wise Old Elf: Oh Dear, its expired!

Nanny: What does that mean?

Wise Old Elf: It means..... (rips Nanny's license into bits) Its worthless!

Nanny: Can't I do magic then?

Wise Old Elf: No! It's against the law! No Grown-up Fairy can do magic without an license!

Nanny: What!?

Wise Old Elf: I'm taking away your wand!

Nanny: You can't do that!

Wise Old Elf: I just did.

Nanny: It's an outrage! The king will be very angry!

(The scene cuts to the Little Castle)

King Thistle: (laughing out loud)

Nanny: It's not funny!

King Thistle: You're right, its not funny. (keeps laughing)

Wise Old Elf: Nanny does not have a license, she must not do magic!

King Thistle: Yes, yes, Wise Old Elf. But maybe we can overlook it just this once, as it's Nanny?

Wise Old Elf: That's because it is Nanny, we shouldn't overlook it, she's dangerous!

King Thistle: Wise Old Olf, I am your king and I must-

WIse Old Elf: Yes? Is your license up to date your majesty?

King Thistle: My License? Well, I'm sure I mean, I, I, I.....

WIse Old Elf: Maybe I should take a look.

King Thistle: Uhh, No need for that! The Wise Old Elf is right Nanny Plum, Rules are rules!

Nanny: What!? So I can never do magic again?

King Thistle: Of course you can! Uhh, can she?

Wise Old Elf: She will have to go back to Magic school first!

Nanny: Magic School?

Wise Old Elf: Yes, Mrs. Fig's Magic School.

Nanny: Oh...