Mrs Elf is a recurring character in the series. She is Ben's mother and Mr Elf's wife, and resides with them in the Great Elf Tree.


Mrs Elf is kind, considerate and is capable of doing many things an elf can do. She is responsible and very caring, especially towards Ben.

She sometimes has a tendency to panic easily in certain situations, but overcomes this through her quick thinking and wit. Despite this, she is generally calmer than most of the other characters.

A running gag is her repetitiveness of words. (For example: "They eat and eat and eat and eat...") which can embarrass her husband, Mr Elf, at times.


Mrs Elf shares her design with most of the other female elves on the show.

She wears dark brown shoes, a long brown dress, and a brown elf hat with a pink tulip sticking out. She wears light-blue eye liner. Her hair is dark brown and short, styled in a bob.