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Mrs. Witch is an old lady who lives near the Little Kingdom. She usually gets mad because of Nanny Plum, especially when she insults Moggy. She is almost the size of Miss Cookie (she’s slightly smaller because she is old).

Punishment Strategy[]


  1. 1st Offense: She'll pretend she can't hear you.
  2. 2nd Offense: She'll deny what you just said.
  3. 3rd Offense: She'll give you several warnings.
  4. 4th Offense: She'll give you one last warning (usually comes with a threat).
  5. 5th Offense: She'll put a spell on you and won't undo it unless you apologize.
  6. 6th Offense/Refusal to Apologize: If you refuse to apologize and insult her instead, she'll repeat the word that stuck out to/offended her the most.


  1. 1st Offense: Verbal Warning.
  2. 2nd Offense: Threat.
  3. 3rd Offense: Attack!