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I'll take that as a yes

—Mr. Gnome


Mr. Gnome is a recurring character in the series. He is a wandering gnome with a ridiculously large appetite, and constantly causes annoyance to everyone he meets.

Other appearances[]

In The Very Important Person, it was revealed that he's actually a king by the name King Leopold, He wears his crown under his hat. The young elves and fairies formed a band, the toddlers held flags and waved them when King Leopold showed up and the rest of the little kingdom arranged food and added decorations in honor of King Leopold. Because of all the attention he got, King Thistle seemed to be jealous and upset his family didn't think of him as a 'VIP'.

He is constantly collectively hated by everybody in the little kingdom for various reasons, such as he eats too much, talks too much, and is generally annoying.


  • It was revealed in Springtime that gnomes hibernate through the winter and wake up in spring, like bears or hedgehogs.
  • Whenever someone said no he will always reply yes.