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Magic is a useful force used by Fairies, Dwarves and Witches. It was also formerly used by Elves, before an incident known as "the Monkey-Kittens", possibly leading to Cedric outlawing magic once he became the leader of the Little Kingdom Elves.


  • Jelly, Jelly - Creates Magic Jelly.[1]
  • But Not a Lot - Can be said at the end of a spell for jelly or porridge, in order to limit the item to a small amount.[1]
  • More, More, More - Can be said at the end of a spell for jelly or porridge, in order to create more.[1] In The Royal Fairy Picnic, it only filled the picnic basket and didn't start a Jelly Flood until Daisy and Poppy intervened. However, in certain episodes, only one "More, More, More" is enough to start a Jelly Flood.[2]
  • Jelly Flood, Jelly Flood, Jelly Flood - Starts a Jelly Flood.[1]
  • Shazam Shazing, Magic Pudding, Shrink Shrink Shrink - An ineffective spell attempted by Nanny Plum to stop a Jelly Flood.[1]
  • Thunder and Lightning, North Wind Blow, Magic Spells Away You Go - Reverses all spells and magic in the area. According to Nanny Plum, it is only to be used in Royal Emergencies.[1]
  • Abracadee, Abracadap, Brushes, Dusters, Soap and Mop - Creates a mop, a feather duster, and a bucket of soap.[3]
  • Mish Mash Mesh, Gaston's Bed, Nice and Fresh - Turns Gaston's dog bed into a pretty pink miniature human bed, with a standing lamp and a poster reading "Home Sweet Home".[3]
  • Zip Zap Zessy, Gaston's Bed, Nice and Messy - Reverses the above spell.[3]
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• Fairy magic does not work on Witch magic or Dwarf magic