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Hello Ben! Hello Holly!

—Lucy Big, in multiple episodes

Lucy Big is a main character in the series. She is a young, human girl who lives with her parents near the meadow.

She is one of the few "big people" to know all about the Little Kingdom. She is friends with Ben, Holly, and The Little Kingdom.

In her room, she has lots of toys, especially a pig doll resembling Peppa Pig (hence the show being created by the same people who made Peppa Pig).


Lucy is a young human girl with brown hair, black eyes, orange dress, and a dark orange shoes.




  • She owns a plush animal that resembles Peppa Pig.
  • In her first few appearances, she could not tell the difference between Elves and Fairies. The last instance of this was at the end of Lucy's Picnic, when she mistakes King Thistle for an elf. In Season 2 she can tell them apart.