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Elizabeth "Lizzy" Elf is one of Ben Elf's friends. She competes against Ben Elf in the high jump in the episode "The Elf Games". 

You can recognize Lizzy by the pink flower on her hat and her braided red hair. She appears in many episodes with Ben's other elf friends, including Barnaby Stinger and Jake Bark.

She is a background character and her voice is by Cecily Bloom, Harley Bird, & Amélie B. Smith.


  • Cecily Bloom also played Peppa Pig in Peppa Pig and Telly in Nelly & Telly & the Big Wide World.
  • Her hairstyle resembles Violet's hair, with the only difference of their hair color, and/or that Lizzy has big ears that cover some parts, and a hat too.
  • She is also one of the elf children girl at the great elf tree.
  • Her full name is possibly Elizabeth.
  • She is also a great athlete who can run and jump very fast and a strong girl with a great spirit.