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Little Kingdom is the found Pilot for Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom made in 2005.


  • Instead of Ben’s Top and shoes being blue, they were green. His hat and pants are purple too.
  • Instead of Gaston’s head being black it was purple instead.
  • Instead of Holly’s wand being pink it was dark, magenta and black.
  • Poppy used to be a brunette, and wore a blue dress.
  • This Pilot was made shortly after season 1 of Peppa Pig finished production, but Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom premiered shortly before the third season of Peppa Pig was started on TV. It's likely season 2 put little Kingdom in development hell.
  • Daisy doesn’t appear on this pilot.
  • Nanny Plum wasn't seen in the pilot because she was originally going to be scrapped, as mentioned by Phil Davies.[1]
  • This marks the only time to feature a narrator.
  • All the elf's seem to have the same design as Ben.
  • Gaston squeaks instead of barks mentioned by one of the people.
  • The laughs are recycled for Peppa's friends.
    • Holly's laugh is Suzy Sheep.
    • Ben's laugh is Danny Dog.
  • King Thistle seems to have white with green dots and the end of his clothing.
  • The elf tree seems a bit green but on the map the design matches the final one.
  • Despite King and Queen Thistle not speaking there voices can be seen in the credits.
    • This was the same thing to Daisy and Poppy.
  • Queen Thistle was voiced by Sarah Ann Kennedy in the pilot she would play as Nanny Plum in the final.
  • In the credits Ben was called as "Ben the elf" and Holly was called as "Princess Holly".
  • Nanny Plum’s pilot name is called Nanny.
  • The Little Castle looks different in the final release.
    • The entrance was on the left side.
    • To go inside it was originally a door.
    • The inside view had two big flowers.


(mentioned at 15:33)