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Gaston, a ladybird.

Ladybirds (also known as ladybugs; family Coccinellidae) are a species of beetle in Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom.


Ladybirds are small, six legged bugs with a dome-shaped build. Their elytra differs between individuals, but they all usually are patterned with dots. Each ladybird additionally bears a pair of antenna on their head.

Ladybirds act as the fairy/elf world’s equivalent to dogs. They are intelligent creatures who enjoy playing. Ladybirds can be used as a means of transportation, and are sometimes used by elves to achieve flight. Ladybugs communicate though a series of barks and growls, much like dogs.

Known individuals[]

  • Gaston: The most notable ladybird. He is considered by Holly and Ben to be their best friend.
  • Tony: A ladybird who is related to Gaston.
  • Pam: A ladybird who is Tony’s mate.
  • Amber, Emerald, and Kieth: Tony and Pam’s offspring.