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I think I have some medicine for you.....I'm not really sure.

King Thistle is sickly, so Ben, Holly and Nanny Plum get ingredients to create some medicine for him, So, Nanny, Ben and Holly find a cure called "The Common cold". They went off to find the Dew drop, Slug slime and frog burp. First, they went to a spider so, Ben asks the spider and he collected the drop in the jar. Next, they went to see a slig and Holly asks him and Ben collected the slime in the jar. Last but not least, they went to find a frog and Nanny Plum puts the jar into the frog's mouth. Holly says "To make babies burp, you rub their back." Ben rubs the frog's back and the frog's tummy burbles and rumbles and it burps. The three head back to the kitchen and Nanny puts the ingredients inside the bowl and she uses magic to mix it up. Because, it's a potion for rubbing on the feet. They went to the King's bedroom and King Thistle drinks it. And Nanny Plum checks on the book. And she says that it was a cure for baldness. And she says "But, I must say your majesty. Long hair really does sew you."'and Daisy and Poppy laugh. King Thistle tells her that his cold is gone. Now Nanny has got the cold!