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King Thistle's New Clothes is the 17th episode of the 1st season of Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom.


King and Queen Marigold are coming to visit. King Thistle's new clothes arrive. King Thistle goes to have a bath. Queen Thistle accidently made the clothes dirty. Nanny Plum, Ben and Holly washed the clothes and King Thistle's old clothes. But they've shrunk, so Nanny Plum cleaned it with magic but they've got burnt. So, Nanny Plum makes new clothes by fruit with magic. When, King and Queen Marigold arrived, King Thistle got the magic clothes on and they've turned back into fruit again.


Detailed Storyline[]

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Ben Holly and Queen Thistle are thinking about what clothes to wear because King and Queen Marigold are coming to visit them. King Thistle asks what is this about. Queen Thistle says that King and Queen Marigold are coming to visit. They don’t want them to look scruffy. She says that King Thistle looks scruffy. King Thistle is surprised. He talks about it and it turns out he does look scruffy. That is why Queen Thistle asks the elf tailor to order him some new clothes. King Thistle takes a bath. The Wise Old Elf arrives with King Thistles new clothes. He tells Ben Holly and Queen Thistle that it’s a very delicate fabric which means it mustn’t be clean with magic. Queen Thistle thinks there’s a spec of dirt. She accidentally ruins it. They clean it with the washing machine. Ben says it’s very delicate. Nanny Plum asks what an elf learns about clothes. Holly says he makes them. Nanny Plum says he might make clothes but he hasn’t washed as many as she has. Nanny Plum says they should wash the king’s old clothes as well. Holly get’s King Thistle’s clothes. They wash them but the king’s crown is a bit bent, his shoes are all soggy and his shirts shrank. Nanny Plum does a spell to make the clothes dry. Queen Thistle tells Nanny Plum to give her the King’s new clothes. Ben and Holly tell Queen Thistle that they washed King Thistle’s clothes but they shrank and then Nanny burned them with magic. Queen Thistle says King Thistle will have to wear his old clothes unfortunately. Holly says but they washed King Thistle’s old clothes too. King Thistle comes out the bath and asks where are his new clothes. Queen Thistle says that Nunny Plum. with give him his clothes. Queen Thistle tells Nanny Plum to call the elf tailor but it’s too late. King and Queen Marigold come. Holly says they can make magic clothes. Queen Thistle asks Nanny Plum if she can do that. She says she can but magic clothes can be a bit tricky Queen Thistle tells Nanny to make the magic clothes. They magic carrots into the shoes, a tomato into the jacket and a lemon into the crown. Holly introduces Ben to King and Queen Marigold. Queen Thistle says that King Thistle’s just changing into his new clothes. King and Queen Marigold laugh and think he looks fantastic. King Thistle is surprised. He says the jacket feels a bit soggy. The food changes back. Nanny Plum says she was worried that would happen. She says that magic clothes are tricky things. King Thistle asks if they can have dinner now. Nanny Plum says she can make him anything he likes as long as he doesn’t want carrots tomatoes or lemons.