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King Thistle is one of the main characters of the series. He rules over the Little Kingdom alongside his wife, Queen Thistle.


King Thistle is a humble and respectful king, and is always kind to new people. However, normally he is often hungry and grumpy, when he's not taking the role of a king.

He's sometimes a bit of an airhead, not being aware of what's happening most of the time.

He dislikes his birthday due to the fact that he's getting older. He gets annoyed whenever someone mentions his birthday, but always gets over it after a celebration is held for him.

Despite him being a mature and humble king, he apparently was quite naughty as a young prince. This was mentioned by Sally (Lucy's mum), as she knew King Thistle when he was younger.

Even if he is the king, people still tell him what to do. This was mentioned in The King's Busy Day.

King Thistle once got an enormous fat tummy, after eating a fairy cake (the size of this cake was reduced by Nanny plum, but the magic effect stopped and it came to his normal size once King Thistle swallowed it, making him obese) in "Dinner Party". He burped at the same time, and was pushed by Queen Thistle to climb the stairs. His three daughters laughed at him.