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A jelly flood is a flood caused when too much jelly is created. It may be caused by Nanny Plum or Daisy and Poppy and sometimes the Wise Old Elf. It first appeared in The Royal Fairy Picnic, after Daisy and Poppy caused the magic basket to produce too much jelly. it can also be considered a running gag throughout the show.

  1. Origin of Jelly Flood:
    • A jelly flood happens when too much jelly is created by magical means.
    • It can be caused by characters like Nanny Plum, Daisy, and Poppy, and sometimes even the Wise Old Elf.
    • The first appearance of a jelly flood was in the episode titled The Royal Fairy Picnic, where Daisy and Poppy accidentally caused a magic basket to produce an excess of jelly
Jelly flood inside

Jelly flood inside the castle