Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom Wiki


KT = King Thistle, QT = Queen Thistle, MRE = Mr Elf, MRSE = Mrs Elf, NP = Nanny Plum, WOE = Wise Old Elf, MSE = Ms Elf

Speaker Dialogue
(At Picnic Hill)
KT Ah. I do love a good picnic.
MRE Yes! Nothing beats eating in the great outdoors.
QT Sandwich, Mrs Elf?
MRSE Thank you, Queen Thistle.
QT Sandwich, darling?
KT Mmm, yummy! Honey sandwiches, my favourite.

(Bees surround him) AH! Buzz off! Go away!

Holly Hehe! Daddy, they're only bees.
KT Well I don't like them; they're good for nothing!
Ben "Good for nothing"? The honey in your sandwich comes from bees.
KT No it doesn't. Honey comes from a jar.
Holly Hehe, Daddy!
QT Haha! Didn't you go to school, dear?
KT Yes, King School. We learnt to wave.
MRSE Ben's right, King Thistle. Bees do make honey.
KT Really? How did they do that then?
MRE It all starts with a flower. The bees eat sweet nectar from the flower-
MRSE They eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and-
MRE -Yes, thank you Mrs Elf.

When they've eaten lots of nectar they take it back to make honey; in the beehive.

Holly I'd love to see the beehive.
MRE I'll take you there if you like.
KT Good idea Mr Elf. And while you're at it, can you get me some more honey?
MRE Of course, your Majesty. We'll bring you back a nice, fresh jar of honey.
(In the Elf Truck)
Holly Mr Elf, how many bees live in the hive?
MRE Oh, there are thousands of bees in a hive.
Ben Thousands? Wow!
NP They must make a right old racket.
MRE Oh, yes! Get ready for the loud buzzing; it will be very noisy indeed.
(At the beehive)
MRE Oh. It's very quiet. Wise Old Elf, where are all the bees?
WOE They've gone.
Everyone Gone?!
WOE Yes, flown off! We're waiting to see if they come back.

There! That's the queen bee! The rest of them always follow her.

Good, she's led them all back into the hive. Everyone relax! All's back to normal.

Now then Ben and Holly, what can we do for you?

Holly We've come to see how bees make honey.
WOE Well, you've come to the right place. This is the beehive, and I'm the beekeeper.
MRE We need a jar of honey, for the King.
WOE No problem!
NP So, I suppose we go in and get some. Where's the door?
WOE Hang on Nanny Plum! You can't just walk into the hive! There's thousands of bees in there with thousands of stings; and they wouldn't be too pleased if we tried to take away their honey.
NP Ugh.
Holly So what do we do?
WOE First, we make the bees sleepy.
NP How?
WOE Well, it, um, involves... magic...
NP But I thought you didn't like magic.
WOE I don't. But when I'm about to walk into a nest of angry bees, I'm prepared to bend the rules.
Holly Who does the magic?
WOE Oh, any old fairy will do. Nanny Plum, can you do a sleep spell for me?
NP Alright then.
MRE No Nanny! Not the Wise Old Elf, the bees!
NP Ugh. Why doesn't he say what he means?
WOE E-Eh? What happened?
NP Right, so just to be clear, you want me to magic the bees to sleep.
WOE If you wouldn't mind, yes.
Holly They're all asleep!
WOE Good, now it will be much safer.
Ben So now, do you go in and get the honey?
WOE Not quite yet. We need a fail-safe.
Holly A 'fail-safe'? What's that?
WOE Extra safety- in case our first safety measure fails. Watch this, it's very clever.
Holly What's he doing, Nanny?
NP Goodness knows. It'll probably be stupid. But funny.
WOE Ta-da!
NP Told you. He's dressed as a bee.
WOE Yes! So if the bees do wake up, they'll think I'm a bee, and not sting me.
Ben You're fail-safe!
WOE Yes, Ben. Now I simply fly into the hive.
NP But you can't fly.
WOE That's where the Elf Helicopter comes in.

Lift me up!

MSE Lifting.
MRE Bees asleep?
WOE Check!
MRE Bee costume on?
WOE Check!
MRE Jar for honey?
WOE Check!
MRE Go, go, go!
WOE Now, watch a beekeeper at work. Calm, safe, and sensible.

I'm a bee! Buzz, buzz, buzz...

(whispering) Lower me in.

(Inside the beehive)
WOE (whispering) I'm inside, take me down.

Buzz... buzz... buzz...

(Outside the beehive)
NP Ugh. All this for a jar of honey.
Holly Yes! It's very exciting.
(Inside the beehive)
WOE (whispering) Too far! Up a bit...Now left a bit...
(Outside the beehive)
NP The bees will wake up soon if he doesn't get a move on!
(Inside the beehive)
WOE (whispering) I'm in position.
(Outside the beehive)
MRE (through walkie-talkie) Quick, Wise Old Elf!
(Inside the beehive)
WOE (casually humming the theme tune)
(Outside the beehive)
Holly The bees are waking up!
MRE (through walkie-talkie) Come on Wise Old Elf! Hurry up!
(Inside the beehive)
WOE There we are. Done. Calm, safe, and sensible.

Eh? Ah! Nice bees. Just borrowing a bit of honey. Um, I'm a bee! Buzz, buzz.

Pull me up! Bzzz, bzzz.


(Outside the beehive)
WOE Mission accomplished. Calm, safe, and sensible.
Holly What are those bees doing, Nanny?
NP They seem to be following him.
Ben Look! There's loads more of them!
Holly Why are they following him?
Ben Maybe they think he's the queen bee.
(WOE being dragged through the sky)
MSE Hold on! We're almost at the Little Castle!
WOE Thank goodness! The window's open!!
(Inside the Little Castle, living room)
KT Hmm, bit of a draught in here. Let's close the window.
(WOE bumps outside the window)
KT Agh-! Goodness me!

Wise Old Elf, what are you- ah, my jar of honey! What an amazing delivery service; you're even dressed as a bee.

(WOE knocks on the window)
KT Yes?
(Inside the castle)
KT What are you playing at?
WOE Shhh!
KT What's going on?
WOE (whispering) Bees! BEES!!!
KT Ah, yes. I used to be frightened of bees too. But it turns out they're quite useful.
WOE Shush!
(Bees swarm around the window)
KT Who switched the lights out?
(Down the stairs)
WOE (whispering) Follow me quietly, your Majesty.
KT Where are we going?
WOE Shhh!
(Outside the castle)
KT Wise Old Elf, there better be a good reason for this or- GOOD GRIEF! What are those bees doing?!
WOE (whispering) Er... the bees have decided that the Little Castle is their new home, your Majesty.
WOE (whispering) But looking on the bright side, you can have all the honey you can eat.
KT Why have they all come here?
WOE (whispering) They followed me because they think I'm the queen bee.
KT Well I don't want them on my castle!!
WOE (whispering) Shhh! If the bees notice us, they'll follow me again!
KT (whispering) Oh, I see. Well why didn't you say so?

Hello! Bees!! He's over here!! COO-EE!!

(Bees chasing WOE, again)
MSE Don't worry Wise Old Elf! I've got you!
KT WAIT! What about my honey?!
(WOE being dragged through the sky, again)
WOE They're getting closer! Try to shake them off!
MSE Right-o! Hang on!
(WOE being dragged through a bunch of flowers)
MSE I'll try going lower!
WOE Aren't we a bit near the-
(WOE being dragged through the pond)
WOE (gurgling noises)-Pond?!
(Back at the beehive)
MRE There's the queen bee! I mean- the Wise Old Elf!
Ben Here come the bees!
(WOE chucks his costume down the hive, leaving him in his underwear)
WOE Come on! Here's your queen bee!
(Bees follow into the hive)
(WOE jumps back down from the top of the hive)
WOE And that is how you get a jar of honey. Calm, safe, and sensible.
(WOE puts the jar down, revealing himself)
Everyone (GASP!)
WOE What's the matter? Haven't you ever seen a beekeeper in his underpants before?
NP Calm, safe, and sensible...
WOE Yes, exactly. It's all quite easy when you're an expert beekeeper like me.
ELF #1 In that case, can you fetch me a jar of honey too?
WOE NOOO! At least, perhaps not today.