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I’m Princess Holly!

—Holly Thistle, at the start of every episode


Princess Holy Thistle is the Princess of the Little Kingdom and is one of the main characters in the show, alongside Ben Elf. She likes to use magic despite the risk of things going wrong. Her debut is in 'The Royal Fairy Picnic'. Ben is her best friend, and her parents are King and Queen Thistle. She wears a pink dress, dark pink shoes, has blonde hair, purple eyes and a small crown.

She has younger twin sisters named Daisy and Poppy.


She has appeared in every episode up to date, alongside Ben Elf.


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Queen Thistle

Queen Thistle is Holly’s mother. Holly seems to love her, while she probably loves Holly even more. Ever felt a motherly love? Even towards a sibling or a stranger? That’s how Queen Thistle feels about Holly. Wonderful, isn’t it? It’s adorable, really!

King Thistle

Holly loves King Thistle very much, although she thinks he can be a bit silly. He returns the favor! He loves her a lot, I’d say just as much as Queen Thistle does.

Daisy & Poppy

Holly doesn't like her little twin sisters very much, the reason being because of their catastrophic behaviour. If they got along with their friends, it would've been pure madness for King & Queen Thistle to comprehend. I hope they don't plan on having a mix party..

King & Queen Marigold

Holly thinks they are funny, but also a bit boring and snooty sometimes. She didn’t want to go to their castle in Visiting the Marigolds, but she changes her mind at the end of the episode and decides they aren't boring at all. Strangely, she seems to have reverted back to thinking they’re boring in later episodes.

Nanny Plum

Nanny Plum is the royal nanny, so naturally she and Holly have a very strong bond. Not as strong as the parental bond she has with her parents, but it’s still quite a strong bond. Though, Holly isn’t afraid to let everyone know when Nanny Plum is using magic wrong.

Ben Elf

Holly sees Ben as her best friend, and he feels the same way about her too. They go everywhere together.

Granny and Grandpapa Thistle

She thinks they’re crazy but entertaining at the same time.

Wise Old Elf

She thinks he’s cool and wise, but also silly at times.

Lucy Big

Holly looks up to Lucy. She sees Lucy as the greatest big person ever.

Mrs. Witch

Holly likes Mrs. Witch, except when she harms Nanny Plum.

Wendy Witch

Holly thinks she is mean.