Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom Wiki


KT = King Thistle, QT = Queen Thistle, GT = Granny Thistle, GPT = Granpapa Thistle, NP = Nanny Plum, WOE = Wise Old Elf, D&P = Daisy & Poppy



(Little Castle, a magic card flies inside)
KT What on earth is that?!
Magic Card Hello everyone!
Ben Wow! A talking card!
KT Uh, who sent you?
Magic Card Granny Thistle.
KT My mother...
Magic Card And I am here to invite you all to a magical party!
D&P Party, party!
Magic Card To get to the party, you'll need to catch the magic bus.
(Magic card flies out)
QT Oh dear. I'm always a bit worried when we go there.

Granny's house is so full of magic.

Ben But don't you fairies like magic?
KT Yes, but Granny and Granpapa like dangerous magic. So their house isn't very 'child-friendly'.
NP That's one way of putting it.
(The Great Elf Tree, WOE's sitting room) (Magic card flies inside)
Magic Card Hello!
WOE AHH!!! Magic! In the Elf Tree!


Magic Card You're invited to a magical party!
WOE Me?! There must be some mistake!
Magic Card You are the "Wise Old Elf"?
WOE ...Yes?
Magic Card You're invited to Granny Thistle's party!

You'll need to catch the magic bus.

(Magic card flies out)
WOE Oh, dear...
(Magic bus stop)
KT Hmm. This 'magic bus' is very late.
Holly Oh, hello Wise Old Elf! Are you coming to Granny's party?
WOE Uh, yes... I seem to have been invited...

I was at college with your Granny and Granpapa a long, long time ago...

(3 magic buses suddenly drop from the sky)
NP Typical! You wait ages for a magic bus, then 3 come at once!
Magic Bus All aboard!
WOE I don't like this. There's no driver!
Magic Bus I don't need a driver. I'm a magic bus.

Hold tight. Goooing up!

(Inside the bus)
Magic Bus Next stop: Granny and Granpapa's.
QT When we get to Granny and Granpapa's, don't touch anything that looks magical.
Holly Yes, mummy.
KT Remember, Granny's magic can be a bit strong.
Holly Yes, daddy.
Ben What about Granpapa Thistle?
NP Granpapa Thistle? Oh, he's completely bonkers!
KT Whatever you do, don't ask him about his hobbies.
D&P Granpapapapapapa!
Magic Bus Last stop: Granny and Granpapa's. Everybody off!
(Outside Granny and Granpapa's castle)
Ben Wow! A castle in the clouds.
Everyone Oooh!
Ben Let's ring the bell.
KT No, Ben! Don't touch it. Don't touch anything. I'll ring the bell.

...Oh. It seems to be an ordinary bell this time. Usually something jumps-

GT (As a spider) -BOO!
KT AH-!!
GT (As a spider) I am "Surprisa the Spider"! Hahaha!
KT Hello mother...
GT Oh... You guessed it was me.
Holly Hello Granny!
GT Darlings, darlings, darlings~!
Ben Hello Granny Thistle!
GT Hello Ben. Welcome to my party.

Ah! Cedric.

WOE Hello Millicent.
GT Come along inside, darlings. We're going to have such fun!
(Inside the castle)
Ben You've got a rainbow inside your house.
GT Yes! Rainbows are so much better than stairs. Unless the weather changes.

Oh dear. Looks like a storm is brewing.

KT Ugh. Maybe you should think about getting some ordinary stairs one day, mother.
GT Ordinary stairs? What would be the fun in that?
(Inside the castle, dining room)
GT Who'd like a fairy cake?
Ben Mmm! These cakes are amazing!
Holly Mmm! Yum yum yum. Delicious!
GT Of course, they are magical fairy cakes.
Holly Mummy, why can't we have magic cakes like this?
QT We don't need to do everything by magic, darling.
GT Honestly, it's as if your parents think the magic will run out if they use it too much.

Cedric? You're not eating. Will you have a fairy cake?

WOE Well.. alright.

WOO!! I'm flying! Put me down!

GT Oh, well. If you insist.

Magic always leads to trouble!

GT But you used to love magic.
WOE That was a long time ago. Thank goodness, none of you could see me then!
GT Oh, I think I've got some old pictures somewhere...
(Flashback of a younger WOE)
Holly Wise Old Elf, did you like magic?
WOE In those days, I wasn't the wise old elf. I was a foolish young elf.
GT We had such fun. You simply adored magic!
WOE Yes, but that was before the incident of "The Monkey Kittens"...!
QT *Gasp* "The Monkey Kittens"!
Ben What happened?
GT I think I've got a picture of that too.
GT Oh, well. Another time. Now for the party games!
D&P Hooray!
GT We still have to finish Hide-and-Seek from last time. We never found Granpapa; he's been hiding for a year!
Ben Hiding? For a whole year?
GT Yes... he does take the game very seriously.
Ben We'll find him!
Holly Leave it to us.
Holly Granpapa!
Ben Where are you?
(A room with a tree full of shoes)
Ben What's that?
Holly It's a shoe tree.
Ben Wow!
Ben Granpapa Thistle!
Holly Granpapa?
(A room with floating fish)
Holly Ooh! Fish swimming through the air!
Ben Cool!
Holly Awesome!
(Hallway, opening a chest)
Daisy Granpapapapapa!
Poppy Granpapapapapapapapa!
GPT Bless me, it's the twins! You've found me at last.
Holly Granpapa!
GPT And Holly, my dear! Did I win the game?
KT Hello Dad. Have you really been hiding there all year?
GPT If a game's worth playing, it's worth playing right.
WOE Hello Victor.
GPT Cedric, old bean!
Holly This is my best friend, Ben.
Ben Delighted to meet you, Ben.
KT (Whispering) Don't ask him about his hobbies!
GPT What's that? Hobbies? You want to hear about my hobbies?
Ben Uh, well-
GPT -Did you know I've been doing some inventing?
Holly Yes! Last year you showed us your 'jam trousers'.
GPT Did I? What about my 'custard shoes'?
Holly Those too.
GPT Oh. I've taken up lots of new hobbies; like woodwork.
KT Sounds quite harmless.
(GPT's wood workroom)
GPT Here's a wooden chair I made.
NP It looks surprisingly like an ordinary chair!
GPT Yes, but then I asked myself: Why should a chair have legs, and not be able to walk?

(To his chair) Here boy!

Ben It can walk!
GPT Yes, indeed.
Holly Oh! It doesn't like being sat on.
GPT No, that's the problem with walking chairs.
(GPT's indoor garden)
GPT And also I've been doing some gardening.
KT Gardening! That sounds relatively safe.
GPT I asked myself: Why should a tulip have leaves? Why not hands? Or even feet?

And I gave it a brain.

Giant Tulip Master.
GPT And a voice!
Giant Tulip Master.
GPT What do you think of my gardening, Cedric?
WOE This isn't gardening! This is an abomination!
Holly Daddy, what's an abomination?
KT That tulip.
GPT I do like my hobbies.

FROGS! I asked myself: Why should a frog just have 2 eyes? Why not 10? Or 23?

GT Oh, that's enough dear. They don't care about your silly old hobbies!
GPT Yes, I'm forgetting myself. It's your party, darling. And I've arranged a fantastic surprise!
Holly What's the surprise?
KT I dread to think.
GPT To the top of the tower!
(Top of the tower)
GPT Granny Thistle loves looking at the stars.
GT Oh yes! Stars are very pretty.
GPT So I asked myself: Why do we have to look at the stars from down here? Why not up there, in the sky?!
(Tower lifts off like a rocket)
Ben Wow! The tower's turned into a rocket.
Holly Aren't the stars beautiful, Granny?
GT They certainly are, darling.
KT Very nice! Er, Dad? How do you land this thing?
GPT No idea, son! This is magic; I don't have to know what I'm doing.
WOE I may not know much about magic, but I do know how to land a rocket.
(Tower lands at the Little Castle)
Holly Look! We're back home!
NP And we survived the party!
GT Thank you for landing the rocket, Cedric.
WOE My pleasure, Millicent.
GPT Bye everyone!
Everyone Goodbye!
GT Where to now? Home?
GPT No. Let's head to the sun, and see what it's made of.
GT Groovy!