Millicent "Granny" Thistle is a minor character in the series. She is Holly, Daisy & Poppy's grandmother (King Thistle's mother). 


Granny Thistle is a carefree and fun-loving fairy. She is a heavy magic user, using magic for practically everything, from the furniture in her castle to the food she makes.

She is very lively and loves messing with things, such as making trees sing or putting pink spots in the sky; also making her very reckless at times.

She influences Daisy & Poppy into doing as much magic as they want, obviously leading to dangerous consequences which she doesn't think twice about. Daisy & Poppy most likely inherited their irresponsibility from her.

She, her husband (Granpapa Thistle), and the Wise Old Elf used to attend college together where it's implied that they were all very good friends in the past.