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Gloria Gnome is an occasional character appearing in only few episodes in the series. She is said to arrive back in the little kingdom during Springtime and appears at the front door of Lucy's house in Ben and Holly's Christmas – Episode 2 with Mr gnome.


Debuting in the episode Springtime, she alongside with Mr Gnome come out of hibernation at the dawn of spring. The elves tell the fairies, the elves express in words that gnomes are very hungry and desiring food during this time. Gloria and Mr. Gnome come face to face with one another at the breakfast tree, which they have a conflict with each other who will eat the food at the tree.

Near the end she and Mr Gnome bond and form a relationship. Holly states they are 'friends' now.

They start to choose a home to stay together but The Great Elf Tree is too small, and she believes The Little Castle is old fashioned and drafty. they decide to come to the Little Kingdom occasionally, which add to the elves' and fairies' happiness because they find gnomes irritating.

She appears to have a stubborn and picky attitude.


  • She is quite obese, like Mr. Gnome.
  • She has a liking for food. Like Mr. Gnome.
  • She appeared at The Little Castle, while Mr Gnome appeared at The Great Elf Tree in Springtime.
  • She revealed her name was Gloria in that episode.
  • She is quite snooty.