Giants In The Meadow



Episode no.

1 (53)


Ben,Holly,and all of the elves and fairies try to stop Lucy's dad from destroying the Little Kingdom to build a new field for cows.


Elves and fairies


Let a person know what place it is so it does not get in danger.


Camping Out Season 1 Finale


Mrs Fig's Magic School

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It starts with the meadow.The children wished the meadow will be stayed forever.

Crisis in the Little Kingdom

Lucy's dad wanted cows in the meadow,which was not fair.He will put the cow shed on top of the Little Castle and the cow menuer (which means cow poo) on the Great Elf Tree.Then,that place knows it,and then the Little Castle knows it.This was like a nightmare.Lucy comes over too.

The Plan

Nanny Plum turns the Wise Old Elf into a frog and then she escapes with Ben,Holly and Gaston.She then turns Lucy's Dad into a frog.But she forgot he will turn back into a big person.So it was a SILLY plan.

The Real Plan

The Wise Old Elf then comes.He heard the plan but then he got an easier one.We know elves and fairies shoudn't talk to big people apart from Lucy.They refuse for Lucy to talk to her Mum.Lucy is supposed not to mention elves and fairies but she did not understand what the Wise Old Elf was saying.

Back at the Meadow