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This article is about the character. For the episode, see Gaston The Ladybird (Episode)

Gaston The Ladybird is a Ladybird that lives in the Little Kingdom. He acts as both pet and friend to Ben Elf and Princess Holly Thistle.


Gaston has a red back, a black head, and black dots. He has a totally black body, which is shown when he flies. He has six limbs and two feelers.


Gaston is a friendly ladybird that likes to roll on his back. He is most likely seen catching sticks and playing with his friends as he is one of the family members in his family, Sometimes if he's called a girl, he will be frustrated about being portrayed as a female. He has liked smelly food and does not like new changes


  • In the episode The Ant Hill, it is revealed that Gaston can speak and translate Ant Language
  • In Gaston's Birthday, Holly notices Gaston gains a new spot, and Ben says that ladybirds get new ones when they get older, so his age should be 9, as there's 4 and a half on each side.
  • Although only Nanny Plum can comprehend him and speak Ladybird Language, he can understand human language.
  • His favourite foods are pies and spaghetti bolognese.
  • He has a brother named Tony who has a wife named Pam, and three children named Amber, Emerald and Keith, according to Uncle Gaston.
  • He first ever cried in the episode Gaston the Ladybird.