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"Fun and Games" is the 9th episode of Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Series 1.


Ben and Holly make cupcakes and play games outside while their cupcakes are baking.



Mrs Elf showing Ben and Holly how to make cupcakes.

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Mrs. Elf shows Ben Elf how to make cupcakes when the doorbell rings. Holly asks if she can help them, saying fairies are experts at baking cupcakes. Mrs. Elf said she could help with stirring. Ben wonders if they can have the cupcakes, but Mrs. Elf says no because she has to put them in the oven first. Holly suggests using magic to bake them, but Mrs. Elf tells her that they're elf cupcakes. Mrs. Elf suggests that it's a smart idea if the two go outside to play, and she'll call them in if the cupcakes are ready. They played tag.

After they played tag, they were called by Mrs. Elf, informing them that the cupcakes were ready. Ben and Holly ate their cupcakes, ending the episode.