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Elf Joke Day is the 16th episode of the 1st season of Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom.


Nanny Plum tricks Ben and Holly into befriending her all time enemy, Wise Old Elf, into bringing him here, dared him to play a prank on her, so she can get revenge on him by turning him into a snail.



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The episode begins with Ben running to Holly to say hi. And Ben shows Holly a telescope, he told her that is use to see things that are really far away. Holly puts the telescope on her eye and says that she can't see anything. Ben told Holly to twist it a little bit. Holly twists the telescope, which is making a squeaky noise, and takes it off with a black ring around her eye. Ben told her that is actually a joke telescope, that makes a black ring around her eye. And after jokes of a can of sweets and a water squirting flower, Holly was so angry that she used her magic to turn Ben upside-down. And then Nanny Plum came by, Holly told Nanny that it was Ben's fault because he was playing pranks on her, then Nanny told her to never use magic in anger, it can be very dangerous, Holly flips Ben back to normal and apologised to him. Ben told her it's Elf Joke Day, and Nanny says that she loves jokes. And Nanny told Ben and Holly to have fun... or does she?

And after that a toy spider popped up and scared Holly. Ben told her it was only a toy spider, that his dad made it. Mrs Elf apologised to Holly that they didn't mean to startle her. But Holly says: "It's okay! It's funny!" The spider soons flings up and the Wise Old Elf SMASHES the door open, like Funtime Foxy in the Bon Bon Shooter video, he asks Holly: "Are you having a good Elf Joke Day?" Holly says that she does and likes jokes now, a blows a trumpet with a feather on it that makes him laugh, she says that she wished that Nanny Plum was here, she loves jokes.

Wise Old Elf, Ben and Holly soon goes in the elf truck and drives to the castle. Wise Old Elf knocks on the door and then he repeats Nanny Plum's speeches, like Talking Tom repeating everything you say, then they tried Plan B, a toy mouse, Holly told him that she does not like mice. Wise Old Elf winds up the mouse and opens the door and lets the mouse in, and Nanny screams and got chased around the kitchen, and after Ben, Holly and Wise Old Elf went in, by opening the door, Nanny is seen smacking her duster to destroy the mouse. Wise Old Elf pranks Nanny into a fake camera prank, with cheese sprayed on her face, it is top quality smelly elf cheese.

And after all of the pranks he ever did to her, Nanny makes her move. Nanny told him that she is going to turn him into a snail. Holly told her that she said to never use magic in anger. Nanny lied to Holly when she told her that she is not angry even though she is. She takes her wand and does another joke: "Elf-to-SNAIL!" And...BOOM!!! SHE DID! And here's the plot twist: Nanny Plum was the villian the whole time. Nanny was the one who lied to them in the first place. All Nanny Plum wanted to do is to trick Ben and Holly into befriend her all time enemy, so she can get revenge on him for being a big jerk (throughout the show's series). The whole never using magic in anger thing is not part of their rules, it was all a everlasting lie! It soon leaves Ben and Holly all alone with the Wise Old Elf helping them out, leaving both Ben and Holly into the void of helplessness. Holly told her that she said to never use magic when you're angry. Nanny soon says: "Yes." Reveals that it was all a evil plan she had all along. She told Ben and Holly to have fun, backstabs Ben and Holly immediately after her introduction, and then became a all powerful frenemy, turning her worst enemy to her play toy. Nanny, with a evil smirk on her face, makes fun of the Wise Old Elf, who is turned into a snail, and being nicknamed the Wise Old Snail, by saying: "Happy Elf Joke Day, Wise Old Snail!" And laughs rudely going: "HA! HA! HA!"

Then Holly's mom and dad came in, his dad asked her why is the snail here, she told her dad that The Wise Old Elf played jokes on Nanny Plum, but she got angry and did a spell on him. King Thistle and Queen Thistle asked Nanny Plum that does she has a sence of humor, yep, she does. "And was it funny?" That is simple, she said no, she doesn't think that was funny after all. And so she turns the Wise Old Elf back to normal. And does the same camera joke, but to King Thistle. And Wise Old Elf told everyone that he's an elf and blows his horn and King Thistle shakes Wise Old Elf's wand. And the episode ends.


  • Running Gag: Characters covered in Smelly Elf Cheese.

  • This is the first time where the Little Castle features without Daisy and Poppy.

  • This was the first time where Nanny Plum turned the Wise Old Elf to someone.

  • Gaston was absent in the episode.

  • The episode's plot is a bit similar to the Milkyway Wishes mode on Kirby Super Star, where Marx tricked Kirby into summoning NOVA to rule Planet Popstar, while as for the episode's plot, Nanny Plum tricked Holly and Ben trying to let her have fun with her loving joke lie, and the both summoned/befriended the Wise Old Elf, so Nanny Plum can start backstabbing Ben and Holly immediately after her introduction.

  • When the Wise Old Elf kicks open the door, it is a refrence to when Funtime Foxy kicks the door open like on The Bon Bon Shooter video.

  • This is Puffy the Jigglypuff's favourite episode, after all she hates the show. And when she watched that episode when she was little, she thought it was the first episode when Nanny Plum lied to Holly about loving jokes, that she hates them all along.

  • When Ben says: "It's only a toy spider!" It is a refrence to Tig from Wooly and Tig saying: "It's only a toy spider!"

  • When the Wise Old Elf says: "To the Elf Truck!" It is a refrence to Batman saying: "To the Batmobile!"


•when Holly explains why the wise old elf is a snail the cheese is still there but when king thistle ask does many plum has a sense of humour the cheese vanish.

•when king thistle says "what's that snail doing here?" Queen thistle left wing is missing.

Quotes []

"Silly old fool!" NP 

"That is not funny at ALL, Mr. Old Elf!" NP

"It's Smelly Elf Cheese! (laughs)" WOE

"It was just a joke!" WOE

"And I'm a Elf! (horn)" WOE

"Happy Elf Joke Day, Wise Old Snail! HA HA HA!" NP



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