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These are easter eggs that emerged in the television series. Expand if you notice any Easter eggs!


Easter Eggs[]

  • During Holly Thistle’s visit to the Elf School. A poster of Big Bad Barry can be spotted behind Nanny Plum.
  • In the Children's fete when Mummy Rabbit asks for a face paint, Suzie Sheep says she can only do fruit and Mummy Rabbit is painted into a plum
  • The actor of Wise Old Elf also voices Grandpa Pig from Peppa Pig.
  • The actress of Holly Thistle voices Zoe Zebra from Peppa Pig.
  • The actor of Tarquin voices George Pig From Peppa Pig.
  • A peppa doll can be seen in episodes where Lucy´s room is shown
  • The name of Redbeard The Elf Pirate's Parrot is also the name of Grandpa and Granny's Parrot in Peppa Pig, also the parrot is also voiced by Alison Snowden.
  • Zoe zebra and Holly both have twin little sisters.
  • In some episodes where the inside of the playgroup is shown, a poster of the octopus that ate Bunty II can be spotted on the wall.