Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom Wiki


Wise Old Elf: Today's adventure starts... at the little castle.

Holly: (Reading the Title) Daisy and Poppy Go Bananas.

(It starts on a typical mess of the Twins...)

Daisy and Poppy: BANG! BANG! BANG!

King Thistle: Ahh! Daisy! Poppy!

Daisy and Poppy: BANG! BANG! BANG!

King Thistle: Stop making that awful noise!

Queen Thistle: Ahh! This is too loud! Daisy, Poppy, I'm taking your wands away and putting them in the cupboard.

(Queen Thistle put the wands to the cupboard.)

Daisy and Poppy: [crying]

King Thistle: Mummy is right! No more wands until you learn to use them properly.

King Thistle: Ah! Finally! A bit of peace and quiet. [Doorbell rings] Oh! Who's that?

Nanny Plum: Ahem! Granny Thistle is here.

King Thistle: Oh no! My mother!

(Granny Thistle is in the Castle. The others get excided.)

Holly: Granny Thistle!

Daisy and Poppy: Granny! Granny!

Granny Thistle: Darlings! Darlings! Darlings! Marvellous to see you! Holly, give your Granny a hug!

Ben: Hello, Granny Thistle!

Granny Thistle: Ah! Young Ben Elf. Always a pleasure to see you.

Daisy and Poppy: [crying]

Granny Thistle: What's wrong with the twins? Why are you so sad?

Daisy: Wandie!

Poppy: Wandie!

Granny Thistle: [gasp] Where are your wands?

Queen Thistle: I've taken them away for now.

Granny Thistle: But how will they do magic without wands?

King Thistle: Er... maybe it's better if Daisy and Poppy don't do magic.

Granny Thistle: Well, they're your children, darling and the last thing I want to do is interfere, at least Holly has a wand.

Nanny Plum: Oh, yes. Holly's having magic lessons from me.

Granny Thistle: What have you learned, Holly?

Holly: I can turn people into frogs!

Nanny Plum: Or rabbits?

Granny Thistle: Frogs... you're still on frogs...

Nanny Plum: And rabbits?

Granny Thistle: But that's baby magic. What about the hard stuff like putting pink spots in the sky... or making the trees sing?

Trees: [singing]

King Thistle: No, thank you, mother. We don't have much need for singing trees, or pink spots in the sky.

Granny Thistle: Okay, you're the boss. Anyway, I've brought presents! Presents for the children!

Holly, Daisy and Poppy: Presents!

Granny Thistle: Holly, I've brought you this beautiful ring!

Holly: Thank you! Is it magical?

Granny Thistle: Er... maybe a little. Just don't rub it, okay?

Holly: Okay.

Granny Thistle: And for Daisy and Poppy... 2 grown-up wands!

Poppy: Wandie!

Daisy: Wandie!

Queen Thistle: But we've just taken their wands away!

Granny Thistle: Yes, it's lucky I came when I did! These wands belonged to your great grandparents, Flared the Powerful, and Sharon the Totally Insane.

King Thistle: Not dangerous, are they?

Granny Thistle: Only as dangerous as the person who waves them.

Queen Thistle: Right, I think we'd better put these straight in the cupboard.

(Queen Thistle put the 2 grown-up wands to the cupboard.)

Granny Thistle: Oh. Well, of course, you know best.

Daisy and Poppy: Aw!

Queen Thistle: And it's past your bedtime.

Daisy and Poppy: Aw!

Queen Thistle: Come on, up to bed.

(Queen Thistle puts Daisy and Poppy to bed, as day becomes night at the Little Kingdom.)

Queen Thistle: Now for your bedtime story. Little Bunny Bunting.

Granny Thistle: Darling, would you mind awfully if I read the twins the story?

Queen Thistle: Oh, yes! Of course! How kind! But, try not to get them too excited. They're meant to be going to sleep.

Granny Thistle: Of course! Leave it to me! Once upon a time, there lived a rabbit called Little Bunny Bunting.

Granny Thistle: Sounds a bit boring for me.

Daisy and Poppy: [giggling]

Granny Thistle: This was the book that I had when I was a little girl. Crazy Spells for the Under 5s.

Daisy and Poppy: [giggling]

Granny Thistle: Spell number 1, how to make a storm!

Daisy and Poppy: Oo!

King Thistle: What a day. Where's Granny now?

Queen Thistle: Er... she's with the twins.

King Thistle: Oh. Is that such a good idea?

Granny Thistle: After me, wave your wands!

Daisy and Poppy: [crying] Wandie!

Granny Thistle: No wands? Oh, of course! Mummy and Daddy knew best and took your wands away. Never mind, here's mine!

Daisy and Poppy: Wandie!


Daisy and Poppy: THUNDER, THUNDER, THUNDER! [laughing]

Granny Thistle: That's it! [cackling]

King and Queen Thistle: AHHHH!

King Thistle: What on earth is going on?

Queen Thistle: It's an indoor thunderstorm!

King Thistle: I wonder if that had something to do with Granny.

(Night becomes day at the Little Kingdom, and then the rooster crows to wake everyone up.)

Ben: Hello! Is Holly coming out to play?

Queen Thistle: Hello, Ben! She'll be down in a minute.

Ben: Did you hear the storm last night?

King Thistle: Hear it? It was in our bedroom!

Ben: A storm in a bedroom? Cool!

Granny Thistle: It was a magical storm!

King Thistle: Good morning, mother. I already know the answer to this, but who showed them how to make a magical storm?

Granny Thistle: Me.

King Thistle: What a surprise.

Granny Thistle: Only a little indoor weather, darling. Nothing to worry about.

King Thistle: What else did you teach them?

Granny Thistle: Oh, just a few harmless little spells.

Holly: Hi, everyone!

Ben: Hello, Holly!

Holly 2: Morning, Ben!

King Thistle: Wa! Why are there 2 Hollys?

Holly: Daisy and Poppy did a spell on me!

Holly 2: We asked them not to.

Holly: But they did it anyway.

Queen Thistle: This is what happens when Daisy and Poppy do magic.

Granny Thistle: So it's a little doubling spell. No harm done, it's not like there's 10 Hollys?

Hollys: Morning! (x10)

Granny Thistle: And if there were, wouldn't that be nice?

Daisy and Poppy: Wandie! Wandie!

King Thistle: Where did they get the wand from?

Granny Thistle: Oh! It seems to be my wand.

Daisy and Poppy: [giggling] Bye bye!

King Thistle: They've disappeared!

Nanny Plum: The twins have escaped!

Daisy and Poppy: [laughing]

Nanny Plum: They're out in the wild! Sound the Daisy and Poppy alarm!

(Nanny Plum rings the big bell to sound the Daisy and Poppy alarm by using a rope.)

Granny Thistle: Oh, this is all a big fuss over nothing!

King Thistle: Oh yes, the twins are out there somewhere and they've got your wand! What other spells did you teach them?

Granny Thistle: Er... I did mention something about walking trees.

Poppy: Tree go walkie!

Poppy: Walkie!

Holly: Daddy, trees are walking towards the little castle!

King Thistle: I don't want to hear it! It's like a bad dream!

Wise Old Elf: I suppose this is you're doing, Nanny Plum!

Nanny Plum: No, it was Granny Thistle!

Granny Thistle: Hello, there!

Wise Old Elf: Granny Thistle! I might've known!

Granny Thistle: It's been a long time, Cedrick!

Wise Old Elf: Not long enough, Millicent! You always were a troublemaker!

King Thistle: Yes, mother! You started this, now you have to sort it out!

Granny Thistle: Okay, you're the boss! I just think children should have a bit of fun, that's all.

Queen Thistle: There's good fun and bad fun. This is bad fun.

Daisy and Poppy: [laughing]

Mr. Elf: My goodness! Daisy and Poppy! You're a long way from home!

Poppy: Bunny rabbit!

Mr. Elf the Rabbit: [squeak]

Poppy: Eggie!

Poppy: Froggie!

Mr. Elf the Frog: [burp]

Wise Old Elf: Ahh! Daisy and Poppy are going bananas!

Daisy and Poppy: [giggling] Banana!

Wise Old Elf the Banana: I'm a banana.

Daisy and Poppy: [laughing]

Granny Thistle: Darlings! There you are! I see you've been doing lots of bad magic.

Daisy and Poppy: Chicken! Cluck cluck!

Granny Thistle the Chicken: [clucking] [laughing] Wonderful! [clucking]

Poppy: [laughing] Hedgehog!

Granny Thistle the Hedgehog: I'm a hedgehog! Groovy!

Poppy: [giggling] Pebble!

Granny Thistle the Pebble: You've turned me into stone. Maybe not so good.

Daisy and Poppy: [laughing]

Granny Thistle the Pebble: Holly! I think it's time for you to rub that ring now.

Holly: What's she saying?

Granny Thistle the Pebble: The ring, rub the ring.

Ben: I think she's saying rub the ring.

Holly: But didn't you say not to rub the ring?

Granny Thistle the Pebble: I've changed my mind. It's not good fun anymore. Rub the ring.

Holly: All right! Here we go!

King Thistle: Eh? What happened?

Holly: We're back in the little castle!

Ben: And everything's back into normal, no walking trees or sports in the sky.

Daisy: Dragon.

Poppy: Dragon.

More text coming soon!