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Daisy and Poppy's Playgroup is the 3rd episode of Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Series 2.


Daisy and Poppy and their friends from 'The Party' go to playgroup, but after the disappearance of their old teacher, Mrs Fotheringill, Queen Thistle becomes the new teacher, but then they make her disappear so Mrs Elf has to look after the toddlers. But then, the whole playgroup gets sent right back in time to the time of the dinosaurs!


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The episode starts with the twins making banging noises, much to their annoyance. Since the toddlers made their teacher, Mrs. Fotheringill disappeared, Queen Thistle decides she'll be their new teacher. They go to the Great Elf Tree to fetch Mrs. Elf, who is gonna be the assistant teacher; however, she seems worried about it. Inside the playgroup, they found Mrs. Fotheringill's shoes. After a quick tidying, the toddlers arrived. As Queen Thistle was discussing, the toddlers made her disappear. All they've left is her panties. Now Queen Thistle is gone, Mrs. Elf has to look after the toddlers. Ben suggests taking away their wands so they cannot make any problems. Mrs. Elf instead gives a paper so the toddlers can draw and tells them to use their imaginations. When suddenly the school moved.

At the Little Castle, King Thistle wonders why it is so different today. Nanny Plum reminds him to pick up the twins, but when he arrives at the playgroup, the school was gone. They realized that the twins had sent them to the land of the dinosaurs, where they met Mrs. Fotheringill, looking for her shoes. She said that she saw Queen Thistle but she was carried off by a pterodactyl. Mrs. Elf asks her, "Mrs. Fotheringill, do you know where the pterodactyls live?" She said that they live in scary mountains and take them there. They saw Queen Whistle trapped by the pterodactyl's foot, so Ben goes up the mountain and tickles the pterodactyl. Queen Thistle brings them back to the school. The episode ends with the toddlers giggling evilly.



  • The reason why no one wants to be the school teacher is because the toddlers are a handful and very naughty.
  • When Nanny Plum have an lists of Daisy And Poppy’s Friends, it was an references to “The Party”