Main animals

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Gnomes are an example of elf.


This species may be the most common of the Little Kingdom,because they have a large education.There are three related species,Arctic elves,pine elves,and elf pirates.They probably want to rule the kingdom because of naughty Wise Old Elf,who just fights with magic,and anyway,they stop magic,but this law has infinity,that means its endless.The elves and its related species all have a leaf on their hat,and like other leaves these leaves change colour too.


Fairies are also very common.They have wings,and a magic wand.Unusually,they don't rule,so instead Gods have taught them magic.

Royal fairies

Extremely rare.They are only native to the Little Castle.They are the rulers of the Little Kingdom.They have the same appearance as fairies but with a crown.In fact,they aren't just the rulers of the Little Kingdom,they are also the rulers of all fairies,hence the word "Royal".

Other human-like animals


Mrs Witch and Wendy Witch are the only witches featured in the cartoon.They have weak spells,and a broom.

Elf pirates

Elf pirates have a pirate hat,and as small as elves and fairies.They have a powerful horn which is longer.

Arctic and pine elves

These both species are special in Winter.Arctic elves live in the Arctic/South Pole while pine elves live in pine trees.Sadly,this species is under threat because of their trees cutting down for Christmas.

Canon animals


Moles seem to be rare in the Little Kingdom.However,one mole is feautured in the cartoon.It was introduced in "The Royal Golf Course",as it was digging making hills,but Mr Gnome stopped it and it ran away.Factualy,the mole is scared of gnomes.The mole turns out to be the species "European mole",the only mole in Britain.


Squirrels are common in the Little Kingdom.They were introduced in "Acorn Day" as they were storing acorns for the Winter.And where?The Great Elf Tree.Mr Elf was disguised as a squirrel holding acorn to make the real squirrels come to him and do the same thing,as he was trying to store his acorn for the winter at the Dry Hollow Log.He was trying to attempt it,but failed.And then he was sent to the Little Castle.This means the real squirrels were storing at the Little Castle instead!The type of squirrel seems to be the "red squirrel" because of it's red colour. then the fire alarm went off