Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom Wiki

Okay sisters let’s check out[]


Humans are the creatures we are. They don’t wear elf ears, elf hats, a horn, fairy wings or wands. Big is their surname because they are ginormous as a dinosaur. The mummy humans wear dresses with long sleeves. Humans (aka giants) also drive cars more than elves and fairies.


Elves are creatures who wear pointy ears and hats sticked with leaves. The female elves’ hats are sticked with flowers and they hold horns sometimes. Ben Elf is a children’s elf mascot who comes to houses and theatres with Holly.


Fairies are creatures who wear wings and wands. The male fairies’ wands have male faces on it even King Thistle’s bird book. Princess Holly is a children’s fairy mascot who comes to houses and theatres with Ben. They like spells even Daisy and Poppy!


Gnomes are garden sculptures made of stone. Mr. Gnome and Gloria Gnome are not made of stone. In The Royal Golf Course, Nanny Plum magiced him from the Great Breakfast Tree.

Talking rabbits[]

Talking rabbits are the rabbits that have the voice of Ben Elf. They wear Ben’s hat and Ben’s shirt.