Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom Wiki

Humanoid Creatures[]


Humans/Homo sapiens[]

Homo sapiens, commonly referred to as humans or big people (to the residents of the Little Kingdom), are humanoid bipedal creatures that live near the Little Kingdom.


Witches are humanoid creatures that are capable of a type of magic knows as witchcraft. They usually wear tall, pointy hats and black clothing.


Mermaids are aquatic versions of Homo sapiens. They have a human’s upper body and the lower body of a fish.



Elves are a humanoid species often found in the Little Kingdom. There are three known Elf sub-groups, those are the Arctic elves, pine elves and elf pirates. The elves found in the Little Kingdom live in the Great Elf Tree, and supply the kingdom with most of its supplies. They are ruled over by the Wise Old Elf, an elderly elf with a deep hatred of magic.

Elf pirates[]

Elf pirates have a pirate hat and unlike normal elves, like larceny and believe buried chests are mutual throughout the waterfronts and isles. Well known pirates such as Redbeard the Elf Pirate and Captain Squid are generally friendly and forbid larceny.

Arctic and pine elves[]

These subspecies are found in colder regions. Arctic elves dwell in the Arctic, while pine elves reside in pine trees, one of them being the Great Pine Tree. They are typically hardworking and work for Santa Claus/Father Christmas.


Gnomes are humanoid creatures that look like elves that are half the size of a human. Gnomes, unlike elves, are large, lazy, and uncaring. Most gnomes have a hatred for each other, but they enjoy eating food, especially pies,


Dwarves can be seen as a cross between gnomes and elves, as they share an appearance with the former, but have the beliefs of the latter species. Most dwarves work in the Dwarf Mine and are leaded by the Boss Dwarf.


Fairies/Magicis Hominibus[]

Fairies are also relatively civil. They have wings and a magic wand. Most fairies use their magic to do their daily work, and usually must learn how to use magic correctly before they can start using it long-term. A family of fairies known as the Thistles rule over the Little Kingdom.

Non-Humanoid Animals[]


Moles seem to be momentous compared to the residents of the Little Kingdom, and are known for digging hills. For some reason, they are scared of gnomes. The only type of moles seen in the series are European moles (Talpa europaea).


Squirrels are not that common in the Little Kingdom. They are small-sized rodents with bushy tails. Most squirrels feed on nuts, primarily acorns.

Tadpoles and Frogs[]

Frogs are a somewhat common creature in the Little Kingdom. They are green amphibious creatures that are about the same size of an adult fairy/elf.

Bugs and Insects[]


Ladybugs are circular insects with black spots on the elytras, their elytras can have any color/colour ranging from red to blue.

Caterpillars and Butterflies[]

Caterpillars are insects with a long, slender body and multiple sets of legs. Caterpillars are known for their large appetite. After eating enough food, a caterpillar forms a cocoon/pupa, and, after a few days, will metamorphize into a winged butterfly.


Bees are circular insects with a black/yellow striped body and wings. They primarily collect pollen and nectar, the latter of which they take to their hive to create honey.


Snails are not true insects, but rather gastropods. They are small creatures with squishy bodies and shells. They act as the Little Kingdom's equivalent to horses.

Neither Category/Wild Cards[]


Bipedal Aliens[]

Aliens are bipedal creatures that live on Planet Bong. They are led by the Great Alien Leader. Curiously, aliens appear to shrink with age, with the oldest individuals being smaller than the residents of the Little Kingdom.


Flobbergagafwaqsplogs are animalistic aliens that walk on four legs found on Planet Bong. They seem to take the role of domesticated pets of the Bipedal Aliens.