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Camping Out
is the 40th episode of the first season of Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom. It first aired on 7th July 2010.


Ben, Holly, Mr Elf and Mrs Elf are having an elf camping. Later on, a gnome joins them.


Ben, Holly, Mr Elf and Mrs Elf are going camping. Mr Elf and Mrs Elf take an orange to scare Gnomes away. Queen Thistle surprisly Queen Thistle thinks gnomes are not bad. Mrs Elf says they talk and talk and talk and talk. They head off. Mr Elf says the timetable. Ben then says they’re on holiday. Mrs Elf asks Mr Elf to try to relax. They arrive at the campsite. Holly asks if they can do dancing and Ben asks if they can do singing. Mr Elf says no. Holly asks if she can magic the tent up. Mr Elf says that Holly shouldn’t do any magic. Ben’s family reveals that they can put tents up with their eyes closed. Mrs Elf hangs up the washing. Mrs Elf slices the orange. They collect sticks for the campfire. The Gnome comes and eats the orange. The Gnome says that normally Gnome’s hate oranges but he’s on a balanced diet. Then they make a fire. Holly ask’s how people make a fire. Mr Elf says you rub two sticks really fast. Mr Gnome says you have to rub them a little bit faster. Ben is hungry. Mr Gnome is too. Mr Gnome says he’s only eaten 10 pies, a skip full of chips, 30 apple tarts, a sponge cake, 100 sausages and that orange. He then says there are some things he doesn’t eat like stones wood and television sets. They have cheese and onion pie for dinner. Then they find an owl. The Gnome says the owl is a bird and it has big eyes for seeing things. Mr Elf says it’s time for bed. Mr Gnome sings a song about not going to bed when something's bad happening. Mr Elf tells Ben and Holly to go into the tent. He also tells Mr Gnome to go home. Mr Gnome then sings a song called Rinky Dinky Doo. Mr Elf firmly says it’s time for bed.They go to bed and Mr Gnome’s still singing. Mr Elf yells ,Stop! to him. Then he tells him to go. They go to sleep. It’s morning and they see a mole eating the washing and the food. Mr Elf asks Holly if she knows a magic spell to get rid of moles. Holly says she doesn’t. The Gnome scares the mole away. Nanny Plum comes and asks how was your night. They say that Mr Gnome turned up and he loves oranges and Mr Gnome sang a funny song called Rinky Dinky Doo then a mole came along and ate their washing line and all their food but Nanny Plum brought the magic picnic basket. Holly asks the magic basket for breakfast for everyone. Mr Gnome asks it for 20 poached sticksblots of toast nine jars of jam 40 sausages and 90 pancakes. Mr Gnome says he almost forgot his balanced diet. He shouldn’t be eating this without also eating an orange.