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Blueberry is a fairy that occasionally appears in Ben and Holly’s Little kingdom. She has a blue dress, blue hair tied in pigtails, and a blue wand. She's probably Holly Thistle's friend, or acquantince at least, and is about 7 or 8. She was invited to Ben's birthday party, so presumably she and Ben are friends. She is seen a few times during large events, such as parties and once attended Holly's magic school, as seen in "Nanny Plum And The Wise Old Elf Swap Jobs For One Whole Day", although she and Tangerine (unoffical name) are never referred to as official fairies.



  • She, Orange (unofficial name) and other unnamed fairies, are the only fairies who haven’t had actual speaking roles in the show.
  • She is mistakenly referred to as Bluebell in an official colouring book, and as Dorothy in The Tale of Ben & Holly.
  • She has a very similar appearance to Violet, but she wears royal blue instead of purple and lilac.