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"Big Ben and Holly" is the 23rd episode of Season 2.



Narrator: (off-screen) Today's adventure starts at the Meadow.

(cuts to Ben and Holly playing Catch in the Meadow. The title "Big Ben & Holly" appears.)

Ben: (off-screen) Big Ben-

Holly: (off screen) -and Holly.

Ben: (holding the ball) Catch, Holly!

(Ben throws the ball at Holly and Holly catches it.)

Holly: (throwing the ball at Ben) Catch, Ben


Ben: (holding the ball) Let's play Football.

Holly: Okay! (gets her wand out) I'll magic the ball a bit bigger. (Ben gets worried)

Ben: Hang on! I'm still holding it!

Holly: Don't worry, Ben. I'll be very careful.

(Holly zaps her wand at the ball, but accidentally zaps Ben too, causing both Ben and the ball to grow.)

Ben: Woah-oh-oh-oh!

Holly: Oops!

(Ben is now human size, but is huge to Holly)

Ben: Holly, now I'm big!

Holly: Sorry, Ben! It was an accident.

Ben: We can't play together like this.

Holly: Okay! I'll make myself big too.

(Holly zaps her wand at herself, causing herself to grow too. She is now also human size. Both Ben and Holly giggle.)

Ben: Great! Now we're both big.

(Holly hears some strange noises behind her.)

Holly: (gasps) Who's that?

(We cut to Lucy and her dog walking in the meadow. Lucy is giggling)

(We cut back to Ben and Holly, who are worried)

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