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Big Bad Barry is the 37th episode of the 1st season of Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom.

Major Characters[]

Minor Characters[]


In The Little Castle, King Thistle wanted to eat some fish with Chips but he wants it Fresh and Holly gave the idea to use Mr. Elf's Boat. Meanwhile Mr. Elf and Ben were putting Bunty away for the Winter and Mr. Elf gleefully says that Bunty survived through the Summer without any "Accidents" but then King Thistle and Holly arrive to get a fish but Mr. Elf reluctantly tried to persuade the King to not use Bunty but He had no choice and everyone set sail to Catch a fish. And soon enough They caught a Fish but Mr. Elf threw it back deeming it "Too Small" and soon tells the Story of Big Bad Barry the fish who ate every single boat Mr. Elf made after hearing the story King Thistle decided he wanted to catch Barry but Mr. Elf doesn't want another one of his Boats eaten by Barry again so King Thistle decided to do it Himself and soon enough Barry emerged after smelling the cheese soon Barry got hold of the fishing line and took everyone for a Nantucket Sleighride after finally stopping He begins to eat the line and the fishing rod itself, But it doesn't end there Barry started to eat Bunty! Soon everyone evacuated leaving Barry to eat the rest of Bunty, soon Nanny Plum comes in with Chips and asks for the fish but since Barry ate the boat nobody could fish so King Thistle decided on Fish Fingers instead.


  • This is the debut episode of Big Bad Barry, hence why the episode is called "Big Bad Barry".
  • This one of the few episodes in which Nanny Plum isn't a major character.