Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom Wiki

Big Bad Barry is a larger-than-average (big boy) fish (appearing very-enormous to Little Kingdom residents) that resides in the lake, also know as the kingdom of the gods.


  • He loves eating the boats of peasants, especially Mr Elf's boats.
  • He loves cheese.
  • His catchphrase is "Yum, yum, yum."
  • The boats he ate were Hilda, Doris, PEGGY, Abigail, Fifi, Trixibelle, not forgetting Sabrina, Vicky, Miss Booboo and Bunty.
  • Despite this, he didnt eat the boat Mr elf built to replace his old boats (Bunty 2), as it was eaten by an Octopus
  • However, he did eat the raft Mr Elf built out of the remains of Bunty 2.