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Ben and Holly's Christmas – Episode 2 is the 52nd episode of the 2nd season of Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom. It is the second half of a two-part Christmas special, the end of Season 2, and also the series finale.

Ben and Holly set out on a Christmas rescue mission to save the 3 trapped grown-ups, but they all end up in Lucy's house for a Merry Christmas with Lucy and her family.


  • This is the last episode of the entire series, though some episodes that came chronologically before this one were aired throughout the next year, 2014. These episodes typically had the production years 2013 or 2014, despite this being the last episode of the show.


  • Before the helicopter come into Lucy's house Queen Thistle is still tiny but when mr elf greets "hello Lucy's dad!" She's back to her normal size.
  • When Queen Thistle says she be fine King Thistle face looks slightly different