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I'm Ben Elf! *horn*

—Ben Elf, at the start of every episode

Ben Elf is one of the two titular protagonists (along with Holly Thistle, who is his best friend). He is a young elf and lives with his parents in The Great Elf Tree.


Ben wears a blue shirt, a blue pair of shorts and blue shoes. He has short ginger hair and a blue triangular hat with a green oak leaf sticking out, which during the autumn and winter seasons is red. Miss Cookie (Lucy’s school teacher), describes him as being a handsome elf (as well as describing Holly as "the pretty fairy princess", Nanny Plum as "the fairy godmother", and the Wise Old Elf as "the goblin"). This implies that Ben is a handsome young elf.




  • Preston Nyman, his voice actor, also voiced Simon Squirrel from Peppa Pig.
  • Ben appears in every episode of the show, along with Holly Thistle.
  • Ben occasionally plays a trumpet-like instrument in The Elf Band (musical group).
  • Ben also started getting annoyed when people called him "Elf Boy" in the episode: "Superheroes". Also, there was another time that Ben was mad at Holly on the episode: "The Elf Games", all because it was Holly's and Nanny Plum's fault.
  • His full name is possibly Benjamin.